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KU law student blogs on balancing books, marriage


Posted on the KU School of Law's blog yesterday was this entry by Ashlyn Lindskog, a first-year student in the school, about how she balances being a newlywed and a law student at the same time and how the two experiences are kind of alike.

An excerpt:

I’m a first-year law student and a second-year wife, and my priority is to not suck at either of them. It is a delicate balance. Sometimes the scales tip and I end up doing one better than the other, but thankfully my husband is more forgiving than my professors.

Law school has required her to elevate herself to a new level as a student just as marriage has required her to step up as a human, she says.

The essay is an easy read and impressively lacking in law-school jargon, and if you are now or have ever pursued graduate education while also attempting to maintain a life outside of school — or been married to someone trying to do so (I've got some experience there) — I think it will speak to you to some degree.


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