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Art auction Friday will benefit KU student with brain cancer


Today's University Daily Kansan tells the tale of Zach Graas, a KU sophomore who about a year ago discovered he had brain cancer after his right hand went numb in the shower one day.

Read the story to see what his life has been like for the last year — chemotherapy, daily cocktails of pills, a loss of movement in his right hand. (A warning for those who'd like to be warned: There's a bit of PG-13-level language.)

You can also read a message from Graas in this Lawrence.com Final Fridays preview (you'll have to scroll down a bit) because a silent art auction Friday will help raise money for his family to pay his many medical bills.

The auction will be 5 to 9 pm. Friday in the Alton Ballroom at Pachamamas, 800 New Hampshire St.


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