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Learn about anatomy with life-size "Operation"-like game Saturday at Natural History Museum


If you won't be among those jetting out of Lawrence sometime by tomorrow with the end of the fall semester, the KU Natural History Museum might have something for you Saturday, especially if you have children or are a child yourself (in which case I'm quite impressed that you're reading this blog; way to be aware of the world around you).

From 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday at the museum, you can check out "Science Saturday: the Body," the latest edition of its monthly Science Saturday events that began this fall.

Visitors can take part in several activities and games while learning about what's in the human body. One game, "Anatomy Alex," is inspired by the board game "Operation" and includes a life-sized model that I can only assume contains body parts more scientifically correct than a "spare rib" or "bread basket." Or you can lob "pollen" balls into a giant nose (if it were a giant model of my nose, you would then need to duck to avoid the ensuing earth-shaking sneeze).

KU human anatomy instructors will provide models and some actual organs for folks to inspect.

Children and families are welcome, along with "curious adults," says a release.


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