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Grant to fund translation of materials into spanish


The need to become bilingual seems to be increasing.With Hispanics making up the fastest growing minority in the United States, more and more educational tools are being geared toward both English and Spanish speakers.To help out, the [Work Group for Community Health and Development at Kansas University][1] recently [received a $60,000 shot in the arm][2].The grant, from the [Robert Wood Johnson Foundation][3], will be used to finish translating remaining [Community Tool Box][4] materials into Spanish.According to its Web site: "The Community Tool Box is the world's largest source of free information on essential skills for building healthy communities. "Buzzwords aside, the site has a [list of ways to try and galvanize communities][5] into making changes for the better. Subjects include finding community needs, getting the issues on the public agenda and finding ways to promote the changes."One of our goals is to translate and adapt the Community Tool Box into Spanish, Portuguese and Arabic to make it useful around the world," postdoctoral researcher Cesáro Fernández said in a press release. "We especially want to have the Community Tool Box widely available in the Americas, where a substantial part of the population speaks Spanish."Anyone out there able to speak two languages? How beneficial has it been for you? [1]: http://www.communityhealth.ku.edu/ [2]: http://www.news.ku.edu/2008/september/3/workgroup.shtml [3]: http://www.rwjf.org/ [4]: http://ctb.ku.edu/en/ [5]: http://ctb.ku.edu/en/tablecontents/


Matt Torres 9 years, 8 months ago

I speak Spanish and English...English is my "native" language and my Spanish is mainly academic / book Spanish (I'm majoring at KU). As to how beneficial it's been for me...I would say very. For one thing, once I reached a level of proficiency that let me read novels easily, it's opened up a whole new world of books that I can read, which is good...because I love to read. Also, I was able to travel to Spain and spend a lot of time out by myself looking for more "off-the-beaten-path" type things to do. I don't think I would have been able to do things like that if I'd had no knowledge of Spanish. There are of course practical benefits too...I'm hoping it'll make me a more valuable employee in...whatever it is I finally decide I want to do, but I think the personal / cultural stuff has been more enjoyable for me. Learning another language just sort of opens up new places for one to go, be it in music, literature, travel, culture or just being able to talk to new people.

Shelley Bock 9 years, 8 months ago

Bilingual education in public schools isn't just about teaching Spanish speakers English. It should be about teaching English speaking elementary students a foreign language when they will be much better able to assimulate it. This should have been the norm years ago. Language skills open many doors.

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