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Final two fine arts dean candidates announced


The final two candidates for Kansas University's [dean of fine arts][1] are William Vernon May and Aaron Horne.May, [dean of Baylor University's School of Music][2], will speak in KU's Crafton-Preyer Theatre at 4 p.m. today. May earned his doctoral degree from KU in addition to a master's degree from the University of North Texas and a bachelor's degree from Baylor.May has been a professor at Baylor, North Texas and the University of Washington, and was a lecturer or guest lecturer at several other schools including KU.Horne, [dean of the college of arts and sciences at Winston-Salem State University][3], will speak in Crafton-Preyer at 4 p.m. Thursday. He has a doctoral and master's degrees from the University of Iowa, and a bachelor's degree from Tennessee State University. He's done post-doctoral work at several other universities.Horne has been a professor at Northeastern Illinois University and Winston-Salem State, and has held administrative positions as well. He was a lecturer or guest lecturer at several other institutions as well. [1]: http://www.provost.ku.edu/search/dfa.shtml#3 [2]: http://www.provost.ku.edu/search/may.pdf [3]: http://www.provost.ku.edu/search/horne.pdf


Steve Jacob 10 years ago

I never understand why KU deans are such a big deal in the paper. How often would a "fine arts" major see the fine arts dean in a four years? Not picking on arts just in general?

Andrew Kong 10 years ago

I was a percussion performance major for two years, and I saw the dean pretty regularly. Steve Hedden's a good guy, and he's always willing to talk to students in the school. He speaks at orientation, other events, and at a recital class that all music majors are required to take for four semesters. I only knew him from the music side of the School of Fine Arts, but I'm sure he was relatively known among art, design, and dance majors as well.

sjschlag 10 years ago

I'm a major in Industrial Design, and I'll have to say that Dean Hedden devoted alot of care to the Music side of the school of fine arts. He has been very willing to work with students in both parts of the school, but with his area of study being in music it's fairly obvious that he has more of an interest in that part of the school. Nothing against him, but the new dean needs to be more balanced than the outgoing dean. They need to focus more attention on the departments of art and design as well as dance, not just music.

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