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KU's document dump part of 67% increase in data losses at colleges


Kansas University's document dump in September 2007 landed it on a rapidly growing list of universities having such problems.According to [a report released this week,][1] there was a 67.5% increase in the number of educational institutions that lost control of their students' sensitive data. The report was compiled as a continuation [of research a graduate student did][2] at Norwich University.In the report, KU's breach is described as impacting "hundreds" of students. KU is not the only state university to find its way into the report though.Kansas State had an incident last November in which the personal data if 128 international students was left exposed on the Internet for more than a year. [1]: http://www.adamdodge.com/esi/files/Educational%20Security%20Incidents%20Year%20in%20Review%20-%202007.pdf [2]: http://www.adamdodge.com/esi/about_esi


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