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KU enrollment down this year


Total enrollment at Kansas University [declined to 29,260][1] this year, according to 20th day of class counts released today by the Kansas Board of Regents.Overall, however, enrollment in the six universities that compose the regents system [hit a record high of 90,063 (PDF)][2]. This is the first time the system has topped 90,000 students.KU administrators blamed the decline in enrollment on a more stringent dismissal policy [in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences][3]. About 884 students were dismissed from the college last year, 350 more than the year before.Enrollment at KU's other two campuses, however, set record highs. Enrollment at the Edwards Campus was up 12 percent. KU Medical Center enrollment was also a record, at 2,918. [1]: [2]: [3]:


max1 6 years, 6 months ago

"Not sure what Max1 is trying to say, but be careful in comparing annual press reportage about KU enrollments because of inconsistent data sets being reported by the press. . . Detailed data is available from Regents sources." -oldgoof

The first two stories I cited are from the University Daily Kansan which quoted figures from the Regents. The link I provided to the first story doesn't work and that is explained below. Are you saying we can't trust stories from the UDK? The third story I cited is from an actual Regents document provided in this LJW news story. The enrollment figures for the Edwards and Lawrence campuses are typically lumped together, and that combined enrollment is down 1.6%, but the Edwards campus enrollment is actually up 12%, so the Lawrence campus took a bigger hit than the reported 1.6% drop. The Regents document appears to have broken that enrollment down, and I assume 24,819 is the actual enrollment on the Lawrence campus: On Campus enrollment, 24,819 The combined Lawrence and Edwards Campus enrollment was 26,342, a decline of 431, though in a press release Edwards Campus leaders said their enrollment was up 12 percent. The university counts the two campuses together for statistical purposes. KU's overall enrollment remained stable at 29,260, which is 1.2 percent below last year. [this figure includes the KUMC, which had a 2.7% enrollment increase]

University Daily Kansan Thanks to a hard drive crash on February 22nd 2007, our current archives only go back to February 23 2007. February 28, 2007 Last Thursday, the hard drive that contains all of this goodness failed, and data was corrupted as a result. . . Our database containing several years of stories, users, pictures, special sections - all the content that makes worth anyone's time - is likely gone forever. We have to start fresh. William Allen White School of Journalism What's the Matter with Kansas? William Allen White . . . Kansas has apparently been a plague spot, and, in the very garden of the world, has lost population by ten thousands every year. Not only has she lost population, but she has lost money. . . No one brings any money into Kansas any more. What community knows over one or two men who have moved in with more than $5,000 in the past three years? And what community cannot count half a score of men in that time who have left, taking all the money they could scrape together?. . . Take up the government blue book and you will see that Kansas is virtually off the map.


oldgoof 6 years, 7 months ago

Not sure what Max1 is trying to say, but be careful in comparing annual press reportage about KU enrollments because of inconsistent data sets being reported by the press. The natural complexities associated with reporting Lawrence, KUMC & Edwards Campus metrics, while eliminating double-counts for multiple campus enrollments can easily confuse anyone, including reporters, and reporters are the ones who pick, choose, and characterize which numbers to report. Detailed data is available from Regents sources.


max1 6 years, 7 months ago

"i don't think enrollment at ku is down." -biggunz

September 23, 2004 According to the 20th-day figures released by the Board of Regents, overall University enrollment for all campuses increased 318 students, or 1.1 percent, from Fall 2003 with a total of 29,590 students.

The Lawrence campus itself totaled 26,980 students

Sept. 21, 2006 According to 20th day enrollment figures released today by the Kansas Board of Regents, KU enrollment overall is at its second highest level in history at 29,613, a decline of only 11 students from 2005's record enrollment of 29,624.

There are 26,773 students on the Lawrence campus

September 20, 2007 On Campus enrollment, 24,819

20 September 2007 KU enrollment down this year


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