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_Jonathan Kealing is headed to today's KU-MU tilt at Arrowhead -- not as a reporter, but as a fan. Nonetheless, he graciously agreed to blog the experience. Here's Part 1._7:50 a.m. We've left Lawrence, a little behind schedule, but what else could you expect. We're prepared with beer, brats and what some might call the soundtrack of Jayhawk nation.I've got some ideas for this blog as we get to Arrowhead -- but we'll see what sort of Internet I can get. Video, pictures, links -- but even without good Internet, we'll being you words and stories.If you're stuck in Lawrence and have questions about the game experience, leave them in the comments.


Pilgrim 6 years, 4 months ago

80,000 seats. KU fans bought 44,000; Chiefs season ticket holders took 22,000; MU fans bought 14,000. Give a fudge factor to the Chiefs ticket holders, since we don't really know where their loyalties lie, and 70% is not an unreasonable figure.


rockchalk42 6 years, 4 months ago

I'm stuck in Slovakia and will want some information on the game experience; starting off with a confirmation of Lew's estimation that 70% of the fans will be Jayhawkers, but I guess you won't really know that until round-about kickoff. Rock Chalk Jayhawk


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