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BORDER WAR GAMEDAY: Calm before the storm


_Jonathan Kealing is headed to today's KU-MU tilt at Arrowhead -- not as a reporter, but as a fan. Nonetheless, he graciously agreed to blog the experience. Here's Part 5._1:05 p.m. Just came from lunch in downtown Kansas City. As we were eating and watching Miami and Boston College, we couldn't help but notice a number of Missouri fans watching TV at the bar.Except they weren't watching football - they were watching some cartoon called Horse Land. Never heard of it, but while trying to take a picture all six of them worked together to change the channel.It was a sight.I've been told there's quite a line for people waiting to get in to Arrowhead. We're going to get in line and I promise a picture if the line's long.My brother is with me and if nothing else, his camera phone will take a pic. Six hours to kickoff and the excitement is already palpable.


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