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BORDER WAR GAMEDAY: Arrival at Arrowhead


_Jonathan Kealing is headed to today's KU-MU tilt at Arrowhead -- not as a reporter, but as a fan. Nonetheless, he graciously agreed to blog the experience. Here's Part 2._8:55 we made it to arrowhead, but Interstate 70 is littered with wrecks. Though most of the wrecks are westbound.The crowd at Game Day is decidedly pro KU, though there are a lot of MU fans too. Some of the more clever signs include one of the famous painting of John Brown with Mangino's head attached. Also, there's a sign that says "it's OK Lee Corso. The Jayhawks don't believe in you either."


thomgreen 10 years, 4 months ago

How about the Missouri fan that spelled hippies wrong on their sign? "Hippes"?!?!?! Now I see why they are Missouri fans.

eyeswideshut 10 years, 4 months ago

This explains a lot (and I'm not making it up...see for yourself http://mizzoumeat.missouri.edu/about.php):

"Mizzou Meat Market, also known as the Don Naumann Muscle Foods Processing Laboratory, serves to support teaching, extension and research activities of the food science and animal science programs at Mizzou. ... "Some of the meat we sell does come from research animals, usually those used as "controls." But even those that aren't, are under the watchful eyes of experts, and nothing is done to them that could in any way cause the animal or you any harm."

eyeswideshut 10 years, 4 months ago

J Kealing, any chance you can get us some sounds of the border war uploaded?

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