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Dole Institute gets a plug in Des Moines Register


Des Moines Register political columnist David Yepsen, who spoke last week at the Dole Institute of Politics about what it takes to win the 2008 presidential nomination, gives the institute a plug in his blog:"The Dole Institute is worth a visit for all political types. His friends, the university and the people of Kansas have built a lovely, $11 million dollar state-of-the art building to house the former senator's papers and memorabilia.__But the place is more than a museum. The staff, which is carefully bi-partisan, spends most of its time offering programs and panels for the students and others interested in politics and public policy."[Read more...][1]Also, Yepsen's blog points out the fact that if you missed last week's panel discussion, you can watch it online at [www.doleinstituteblog.org][2] [1]: http://blogs.dmregister.com/?p=4610" target="blank [2]: http://www.doleinstituteblog.org/


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