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More free stuff!


We've already proven that [free stuff][1] gets students excited.So, now we're back with another way for you students to get free stuff. Being honest, though, this requires a little more effort.The Kansas Athletics Department is rolling out a [Rock Chalk Rewards][2] program, that will give students points for all the KU sports they attend. One point for each KU [volleyball][3], [soccer][4], [baseball][5] and [softball][6] game, two points for each [women's basketball][7] game and two points for buying an [all-sports combo package][8] for men's basktball and football.The Web site is still short on details, but the last time the department did [something like this][9], prizes included things like free food (see above), free T-shirts and gift certificates for KU merchandise.The Web site also talks of a [grand prize][2] for those who reach the "National Champion" level. Maybe it'll be a lifetime supply of [Priority Points][10].Don't bet on that one though. [1]: http://www2.ljworld.com/blogs/heard_hill/2007/aug/14/food/ [2]: http://kuathletics.cstv.com/ot/rock-chalk-prize-levels.html [3]: http://kuathletics.cstv.com/sports/w-volley/sched/kan-w-volley-sched.html [4]: http://kuathletics.cstv.com/sports/w-soccer/sched/kan-w-soccer-sched.html [5]: http://kuathletics.cstv.com/sports/m-basebl/kan-m-basebl-body.html [6]: http://kuathletics.cstv.com/sports/w-softbl/kan-w-softbl-body.html [7]: http://kuathletics.cstv.com/sports/w-baskbl/sched/kan-w-baskbl-sched.html [8]: http://kuathletics.cstv.com/tickets/kan-mbaskbl-student-tix.html [9]: http://www.cstv.com/auto_pdf/p_hotos/s_chools/nacda/sports/nacma/auto_pdf/Kansas_Rock_Chalk_Rewards [10]: http://kuathletics.cstv.com/williamsfund/kan-williamsfund.html


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