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LMH nurse Feltman on her way home


Early this morning, LMH nurse Karin Feltman posted on her Facebook page that she had landed safely in Orlando, completing a week long medical mission trip to Haiti. Before boarding an Air Force jet, Feltman spent much of yesterday "baking on the tarmac" waiting for a flight home.

On Sunday evening, Karin's sister Kim Banning-Bohmann shared an e-mail Karin had sent giving a quick up date on the work she had done.

"We did a feeding today. It was physically brutal but we passed out enough food to feed 3200 people. Between clinics and food we served over 5,000 in 5 days," the e-mail read.


Mariposa 8 years, 4 months ago

I know the people of Haiti really appreciate the time you were with them and all that you did. Thank God there are people like you.

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