Updates on LMH nurse's mission to Haiti

LMH nurse Feltman on her way home

Christine Metz

Early this morning, LMH nurse Karin Feltman posted on her Facebook page that she had landed safely in Orlando, completing a week long medical mission trip to Haiti. Before boarding an Air Force jet, Feltman spent much of yesterday "baking on the tarmac" waiting for a flight home. On Sunday ...

LMH nurse Feltman goes on food drop tomorrow

Christine Metz

Another excerpt from an e-mail that Karin Feltman sent home from Haiti. We've done a little editing to make it easier to read online. "Things are going well here. Today we set up a clinic in a small tent camp close to the compound where we're staying. I thought it ...

LMH nurse hears heart breaking stories in Haiti

Christine Metz

Here's the latest update from Karin Feltman. She e-mailed the note to her sister, Kim Banning-Bohmann, Friday night: "It was a good day.....but an emotional one. We're getting to hear people's stories and they'll break your heart! Tomorrow we're going to do a feeding as well as a med clinic. ...

Long day for nurse Feltman in Haiti

Christine Metz

"Evening! Long good day. Hundreds of patients. Our ride didn't come and we were in the slum in the dark with all our stuff surrounded by a huge crowd. Had to hire a mini van taxi and crammed 13 of us and 4 suitcases into it and 2 guys on ...

LMH nurse Feltman has an adventurous first day in Haiti

Christine Metz

Below is an e-mail that Karin Feltman's sister Kim Banning-Bohmann shared with friends and family. Karin sent it Wednesday, her first full day in Haiti. We did a tiny bit of editing to the e-mail to make it easier to read online. Hi there, I am back at camp and ...

Karin has arrived in Haiti

Christine Metz

Karin Feltman has arrived in Haiti for a week long mission to one of the poorest and neediest parts of Port-au-Prince, the Carrefour neighborhood. Karin's sister Kim Banning-Bohmann sent out an e-mail to friends and family Wednesday afternoon sharing a text message that Karin had sent. "Gunshots very close to ...

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