The Grumpy Professor

What's a University For?

Mike Hoeflich

The end of this semester marks the end of thirty years of law teaching for me. Indeed, I have spent the majority of my fifty-eight years in the academy, with a short exception on Wall Street as a lawyer. I have been a high school student, college student, graduate student, ...

Following the Nomination Process

Mike Hoeflich

Those readers who want to get detailed information on the nomination and confirmation process of Elena Kagan may want to look at some online sources: The leading blog on the Supreme Court is Scotus Blog []. This blog is presented by the Supreme Court practice of Akin, Gump, a large ...

The Rankings Game

Mike Hoeflich

Once again U.S. News and World Report has issued its rankings of graduate and professional school programs. In fact, the rankings were "leaked" to the blogosphere two days ago, so academics across the U.S. have been busily gloating if their programs went up in the rankings, coming up with rationalizations ...


Mike Hoeflich

After sixteen years of writing a column for the LJW I have been asked to join the twenty-first century and begin a blog. Since I still haven't quite yet left the nineteenth century --at least in mind and spirit--this will be a new experience for me. Indeed, I have a ...

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