Colby: Food stamp challenge going well, except for cracker crazy sister and BBQ chip munching mom

I’m Colby Lawhorn, Chad and Kristine’s 10 year-old son. After being on the food stamp challenge for some time now, I finally had some free time to blog.
The only bad thing is my sister ate TWO packets of whale crackers in one day, AND I didn’t have any. Now we are almost out. Today’s meal wasn’t so bad though. We had pork chops for dinner. The school lunch wasn’t so shabby either. I usually take a sack lunch to school, but my parents are making me buy lunch at school this week. Today it was advertised as tacos, but they looked like they weren’t exactly as advertised.

My mom is telling me to write how my life is different but it really isn’t different at all. I know my mom’s life is different though. I guess she is hungry a lot still because I saw her munching on BBQ chips we bought for this week. That’s all I have time for now, but hopefully you have time to comment. I love comments.