Living off food stamps

Colby: Food stamp challenge going well, except for cracker crazy sister and BBQ chip munching mom

Colby Lawhorn

I’m Colby Lawhorn, Chad and Kristine’s 10 year-old son. After being on the food stamp challenge for some time now, I finally had some free time to blog. The only bad thing is my sister ate TWO packets of whale crackers in one day, AND I didn’t have any. Now ...

Kristine: Using the Food Stamp Challenge as a teaching moment

Kristine Lawhorn

Chad and I have been very blessed to have healthy children, good jobs, supportive families and wonderful friends. We tell our kids all the time how lucky we are, but when you have never had to do without, you wonder if they really understand. So, when Chad came home last ...

A giant bag of crispy rice, coupons and other lessons learned from day one of the Food Stamp Challenge

Chad Lawhorn

One day into this food stamp challenge, and I've already learned two things: I'm a culinary genius, but not a coupon genius. First, a reminder of what I'm talking about: My wife, myself and our two kids, ages 10 and 7, have agreed to take part in the Food Stamp ...

The Lawhorns take on Just Food's food stamp challenge

Alma Bahman

To mark National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week, Nov. 16-24, Just Food is encouraging people to live off the average food stamp benefit in Kansas for their per-day grocery spending, and reporter Chad Lawhorn wis taking on the challenge. His family of four will chronicle its experiences planning meals and ...

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