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Welcome to Follow Your Art, LJWorld.com’s new arts and entertainment blog.I’m Terry Rombeck, the features and special sections editor at the Journal-World.First things first: I know Follow Your Art is a cheesy title (get it? Like “follow your heart”). I thought of it, groaned and decided to keep it anyway. A little piece of me hates myself for it. But until you come up with a better title, I’m going with this.(An aside: A colleague suggested the title should be “OH THE HUMANITIES!!! Be thankful I didn’t go with that.)Anyway, this will be a space where you can keep up on upcoming shows and gallery openings, new local books, art talks, CD releases and pretty much anything else in the realm of the local (and sometimes regional/national) artistic world — visual, literary, performing, you name it.The beauty of the Web is we don’t have to just write about the things going on. We can show you video and let you listen to music, as well.So let me know if you have suggestions, and shoot me an e-mail with your ideas for the blog. We always rely on your input to let us know what topics and events we should cover, and this blog will be no exception.I promise this: The topics we write about will usually be classier than the corny title of the blog.


Ronda Miller 9 years, 4 months ago

Terry, I actually like the tittle, but then you have seen some of mine. ;) I am sure this will be a fun, informative, and creative blog. I look forward to using it to be more aware. Thanks!

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