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LHS students compete at German competition


Lawrence High School German students won second place in the video and poster competitions Saturday at Kansas University's annual German competition known as Schülerkongress.

LHS German techer Natalie Aaron said that in addition to producing videos and posters, the competition includes reciting German poetry from memory, reading prose aloud for judges, a culture quiz and a spelling bee.

Students from 14 schools took part in the competition. Lawrence High sent 38 students.

Students who took part in the video production included Zach Spears, Brandon Ellis, Scott Morrison, Jonathon Seele-Teichmann, Matia Finley, Taylor Smith, Khrystyne Raine, Ian Gent, Maddie Bell, Deja Johnston, Emma Oury, Genevieve Voigt, Jacob Nation and Denis Gatotho.

The poster entry included Lydia Longabach, Kat Sterbenz and Juliana Hacker.

Individual medalists included:

• Lexi Simmons, level 1, spelling bee.

• Stephan Osterhaus, level 1, prose.

• Genevieve Voigt, level 1, prose and poetry.

• Tristan Reynolds, level 3, prose and poetry.

• Dalen Reed, level 3, poetry.

• Francisco Esparza, level 3, poetry.

• Elbeg Erdenee and Kat Sterbenz, level 4, culture quiz.

• Elbeg Erdenee, level 4, spelling bee.

• Maddie Bell, level 4, prose and poetry.

• Juliana Hacker, level 4, prose and poetry.

• Kat Sterbenz, level 4, prose and poetry.

• Elbeg Erdenee, level 4, prose and poetry.


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