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Middle school dance canceled due to KU basketball


For anyone who still doubts that Lawrence is nuts about Jayhawk basketball, there is this bit of news: South Middle School has postponed a dance that was scheduled for Friday evening because it conflicts with the Sweet 16 game between Kansas and Michigan.

Julie Rea, the school secretary at South, said they just didn't think the dance would be well attended, considering the Jayhawks will be on TV at the same time. The dance will be rescheduled for another time.

The dance was scheduled for 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Friday. The game is scheduled to start around 6:35 p.m. on the TBS channel.


Whodathunk 1 year ago

Plus.... now the middle school gym is freed up just in case things fall through with the facility in Arlington.


number3of5 1 year ago

All Hail The Mighty Jayhawks. Bow down Lawrence to your GOD.


LeBo 1 year ago

My pupil agrees that the low attendance would be even lower because of the game. Furthermore, middle school dances are important to building livelong interpersonal communication skills.


xyz243 1 year ago

Elliot I think your in the minority on this one. Great call by the school


tange 1 year ago

... b...b...but... that's defying the ultimate NCAA Tournament superstition!

"Dance, dance, otherwise we are lost." — Pina Bausch



Deb Engstrom 1 year ago

And all the teachers/parents who would chaperone want to stay home and watch the game, too. Wise decision!


youngjayhawk 1 year ago

Good call by district officials! RCJH!


elliottaw 1 year ago

This is the on the dumbest things I have heard of in a long while


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