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Former Kansan leading Alaska GOP senate race; “movement” conservative in Big First; odds and ends


The Salina Journal catches up to Joe Miller, a former Kansan who has stunned the political world by leading Alaska GOP incumbent Lisa Murkowski in U.S. Senate race. http://www.salina.com/news/story/Miller2010-08-29T03-02-07

The Associated Press analyzes political forces propelling "movement" conservative Republican Tim Huelskamp in the race against Democrat Alan Jilka in the 1st Congressional District. http://hutchnews.com/Todaystop/C-1283115665-17

Here are some odds and ends from the Kansas AFL-CIO meeting Friday: Gov. Mark Parkinson, a Democrat, told the crowd that Democrats face a tough election. “I know people are saying this is a lost cause. We still have a good shot.” Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tom Holland got his biggest applause when he said that if elected, “I will not allow the state Chamber (of Commerce) to weaken the worker’s compensation law.” Holland, a state senator, faces Republican Sam Brownback, now a U.S. senator.


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