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Obama enthusiasm wanes; Brownback bus from out of state; Reform Party candidate problems persist


Two years ago today, Democrats were flying high in Denver with the nomination of Barack Obama for president. The Kansas City Star analyzes what happened to that enthusiasm. Here’s the link http://www.kansascity.com/2010/08/24/2173082/enthusiasm-gap-confronts-democrats.html

Republican gubernatorial candidate Sam Brownback got the bus that he used on his “Road Map for Kansas” campaign swing from Alabama and the graphic wrap job on the bus was done in Atlanta. Here’s the link http://www.hutchnews.com/Todaystop/brownback-wrap--2

Troubles continue for Ken Cannon, the Reform Party candidate for governor. His campaign manager stepped down and Cannon faces criminal charges.http://cjonline.com/news/state/2010-08-25/reform_party_aide_steps_down


63BC 7 years, 5 months ago

One story from Tuesday, one from Wednesday and one from two weeks ago.

Fishing for things to hit Brownback on, Scott?

Fred Whitehead Jr. 7 years, 5 months ago

And just exactly what have the Republicans contributed? Moose Lady Palin has succeeded in fracturing the Republican Terrorist Party pretty well. This bodes very well for the Democratic Party. Most people seem to forget that when the shrub left office, there was a massive deficit already in place where President Clinton had left him a budget surplus. There are two Viet Nam style wars going on that were not there when President Clinton left office. President Obama gets dissed by the Republican Terrorist Party mouthpieces, Limbot and Beck. Both of these pseudo conservatives doing ther best to see who can sell the most t-shirts, coffee mugs, ball hats and newsrags. Is this what the Republican Terrorists have for us? What is their agenda? I do not hear anything but attacks on the efforts of the current lawfully elected President of the United States. What should happen? I do not hear this. Actually, I think it will be pretty interesting to see what will happen if the Republican Terrorist Party does manage to gain some measure of political control in the U.S. Congress, then we will see just what these people will do. And that will tell the tale. They have nothing. They present nothing but derision and disgust. They have no ideas. Let's get them elected so we can truly view just what this "conservatisim" will do for the country. By then the Chinese will have completely purchased up the country and our military will be uniformed in bright red uniforms, easier for the Chinese invaders to see. Keep it up, Republicans, and we will have no country at all, hope you can all learn to speak Mandarin Chinese.

overthemoon 7 years, 5 months ago

yep. one of these days the screaming right will recognize themselves as the enemy they fear.

liar 7 years, 5 months ago

Well, well, well. Brownback to the rescue. What a bunch of losers Kansans will be when this fool takes over as governor. As a Republican he was part of the disaster years that put the USA on a fast track to failure. Such fools that think that fancy words can make everything right again. Kiss it better mummy!

Look at history and weep!

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