Brownback backed by troopers; Reform Party candidate faces charges; Huelskamp gets dueling endorsements

The Kansas State Troopers Association announced Friday its endorsement of Republican Sam Brownback for governor. Brownback faces Democrat Tom Holland in the election.
“In our conversations with Senator Brownback it is clear that he understands the needs of the troopers out patrolling the highways of Kansas,” said Eric Haskin, chairman of the troopers’ political action committee.

Ken Cannon, who is the Reform Party candidate for governor, has been charged with falsely reporting a domestic disturbance stemming from an incident in Cloud County. In another incident, he has been charged with battery and making a criminal threat related to an alleged altercation in April in downtown Salina. Here is a link the story in the Hutchinson News.–Cannon-story–1

And here is a link to a story about Republican congressional candidate Tim Huelskamp receiving endorsements from groups that have opposing views on farm subsidies.