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Throw Some T's on that Dude (A Brady Morningsleeves Story)

Dugan Arnett

Out of all the things I'm really, really good at in life — sports, dating, parallel parking, long division, relating to people, playing the stock market, mixed martial arts, oil-based painting, Hungry, Hungry Hippos, welding things, being humble, computer programming, gaining the respect and adulation of literally every single Kansas ...

Holy Polar Bears!

Dugan Arnett

For a long time, I was under the impression that pre-game videos couldn't get much better than what the Kansas University men's basketball team had to offer. I mean, everything about the KU video is great. The music. The footage. The volume. It's so great, in fact, that I make ...

OMG! Did you hear about Turner Gill??

Dugan Arnett

So Turner Gill is interviewing for the Kansas University football coaching job today. At least I think he is. He might not be. Probably, he isn’t. I’d say there’s at least a decent chance that, at this very moment, the Buffalo head coach is sitting on his couch at his ...

The Mike-Rivera-Signs-With-Chicago Blog

Dugan Arnett

Since childhood, Richie Reyes had tried to persuade best friend Mike Rivera to switch allegiances. Since the two were seventh graders, playing youth football together in the Shawnee-Mission area, Reyes has been preaching the gospel of the Chicago Bears. When he could get a good sales pitch in, he did. ...

Diving into tonight's BCS Championship game with a Florida fan

Dugan Arnett

Good morning, Kansas fans! Have I got a treat for you today! Seeing as how the much-anticipated BCS Championship Game will be played tonight between the Oklahoma Sooners and Florida Gators, and seeing as how you’re probably looking for some healthy, last-minute analysis on the game, I’ve decided to invite ...

Top five Kansas Football Stories of 2008

Dugan Arnett

The year 2008 will go down as one of the most successful ever for the Kansas University football team. History was made, age-old records were shattered and a few oranges helped signify the Jayhawks' rise to prominence. Now, as the calendar year draws to a close, we look back at ...

The Cheerleader Blog

Dugan Arnett

Great news. I'm starting today's blog post with a joke. It's a pretty good one. I thought of it while walking to Jimmy John's yesterday to buy a tuna fish sandwich. It was freezing cold outside, one of those November days where the chill just gets inside your bones, and ...

Men 2 Boyz

Dugan Arnett

Without a doubt, Wednesday is my favorite day of the week. That's because every humpday evening, underneath the stands at Memorial Stadium, Kansas football coach Mark Mangino meets with members of the local media to talk football. This is the way it works: Mangino will approach the cluster of five ...

Michael Phelps vs. Todd Reesing

Dugan Arnett

The other day, I got into a big-time water-cooler sports debate with colleague Eric Sorrentino. It was one of those grind-it-out, no-surrender arguments that gets everybody worked up. Let me say, first of all, that these kinds of arguments are about as common in a sports department as fart jokes ...

The Anatomy of a Bad Story

Dugan Arnett

In this crazy business we call journalism, stories can come about in various ways. Some are hatched out months ahead of time in intense news meetings aimed at tracking a societal trend. Some are products of tireless reporting and exceptional interviewing. And some - like mine - come together, by ...

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