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Charlie Weis hints at change in his role with offense


Kansas University football coach Charlie Weis has shown he’s not afraid to shuffle the deck if something’s not working. His depth chart frequently changes and his offensive game plan shifts week to week, based on the strengths of the opposing defense. After last season, he tweaked the roles of defensive coaches Dave Campo and Clint Bowen.

So when Weis said at the end of his weekly Monday night radio show with veteran broadcaster Bob Davis that he was going to be “more involved with that this week,” talking about the chemistry between the quarterback and his receivers, it sent the imagination wandering. (I know, I know, if my imagination is going to drift, it probably should find more scintillating topics than KU's offense, but what can I tell you?)

Could it be Weis is going to get more hands-on in one area and relinquish duties elsewhere? The mere fact I’m asking that question makes me look forward to today’s noon press conference with Weis, moved up an hour from its usual time. His sessions never are boring, but this one could more newsworthy than most.

What could the coach have meant? Well, sometimes duties are split by having one coach wearing the title of “passing game coordinator,” another “running game coordinator.” Maybe Weis will take on the “passing game coordinator,” title, work more closely with receivers and have either wide receivers coach Rob Ianello or quarterbacks coach Ron Powlus calling plays from the press box?

That’s wild speculation, but with the offense ranked 117th out of 125 teams, nothing is too radical to consider. Under that scenario, someone else would be named “running game coordinator.” Running backs coach Reggie Mitchell, offensive line coach Tim Grunhard and either Powlus or Ianello would be the candidates, with Mitchell making the most sense.

Going outside the staff to recruit an offensive coordinator who installs his own offense with new terminology and schemes is not something that could take place in mid-season. That would have to wait until after the season.


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