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Holy cow, what a huge hole the offensive line opened up for James Sims!


Listen to this call and see if it doesn’t rekindle your anger over the Royals turning Bob Davis into a mop-up relief pitcher. Such passion, such a distinct voice and style. And nice work by David Lawrence pointing out that right guard Damon Martin took out the linebacker, one of the keys to James Sims scoring on a 68-yard run with 28 seconds left in the half. Whereas most of us tend to watch the ball, Lawrence sees the whole field every play.

Fifth-year senior center Gavin Howard supplies background on the play call.

“All of us had been telling the coaches that they’re trying to stop the inside stuff because we’d been gashing up the middle,” Howard said. “I was like, ‘We’ve got to start running some outside stuff.’ And honestly, I mean, it was just a play to kind of end the half. We weren’t thinking we were going to get 75 yards on the play because you don’t ever think that on a run play. But I reached my guy, Aslam (Sterling) reached his guy, Damon (Martin) got up on the linebacker, Ngalu Fusimalohi off the back side and James’ got some speed on him that I didn’t know he had.”

Coach Charlie Weis said he was hoping the play could get 30 yards, at best, setting up a pass into the end zone.

“When he came through the hole, I couldn’t believe how big the hole ended up being,” Weis said.

It was only the second time on the day that KU used the unbalanced-line formation and the first time was near the goal line. Left tackle Riley Spencer moved to the right side of the line, lining up outside Sterling, the right tackle.

“I’m pretty sure if you watch it on the film, Riley pushes his guy out and we kind of cut it at Aslam,” Howard said. “So all of us back-blocked and the safeties didn’t make the play.”

Check out Sims' 68-yard TD run:


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