The ‘Uber abduction’ that wasn’t

Sometimes (oftentimes?), police get dispatched to things that turn out not to be what they initially seemed. That happened at least twice this weekend. We already reported about the man who said he got shot by a robber, then later admitted he actually accidentally shot himself. There was also this case, chatter about which spread on social media as an “Uber abduction” but wasn’t, police said.

About 12:30 a.m. Sunday, police were called to a home in the 1100 block of Mississippi Street regarding a possible abduction that took place earlier near Clinton Lake, Sgt. Amy Rhoads said Monday morning.

A woman initially said an Uber driver picked her up from the 1300 block of Tennessee Street and took her to a location near Clinton Lake against her will, Rhoads said. Rhoads said the woman texted her location to friends, who came and picked her up.

However, Rhoads said, the woman later said that it was “a misunderstanding between her and her Uber driver, and in fact, she was not taken against her will.” I asked Rhoads whether alcohol played a role in the confusion here, and she said, “it appears that alcohol was a contributing factor for the misunderstanding.”

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