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Big 12 football week 2 picks, and how entertaining would it be if Boise State played in BCS Championship?


For my week 2 Big 12 football picks, feel free to check out a new episode of Conference ChatterTV below:

Would you want to see Boise break BCS tradition?

When thinking about BCS Championship possibilities before the season, most of the scenarios played out in my mind like this:

Most likely: SEC vs. Big 12. Just like the last two years.

Still realistic because of No. 2 Ohio State: SEC vs. Big Ten.

Here's one I hadn't thought of: Western Athletic vs. SEC, Big 12 or Big Ten.

In the 12 years of the BCS Championship's existence, a mid-major has never played for the national title.

Boise State might change that.

Especially since the No. 3 Broncos beat No. 10 Virgina Tech, 33-30, this past week.

Let's say Boise State runs the table, which looks very possible. BSU doesn't face a ranked team the rest of the season (as the rankings are right now).

If Boise State is undefeated, would it deserve a shot at all the marbles? Better yet, would you want to see a BCS Championship with Boise State in it?

It seems for years the primary argument against Boise State appearing in the national title is its schedule. Cupcake city.

It's gotten better lately. The Broncos beat then-No. 16 Oregon at home last season. Only problem, when considering Boise State for a BCS Championship, was the Broncos started 2009 ranked No. 14. Too big a jump with the rest of their schedule to leap into the top 2. Boise State ascended, but only to No. 6 by season's end.

This year, different story. Boise State started at No. 3 in the Associated Press poll and remained there in the latest rankings. You'd think if Boise went undefeated, all it would need for a trip to Glendale's BCS Championship is a loss from No. 2 Ohio State (could happen this weekend against No. 12 Miami [Fla.]) or a loss from No. 1 Alabama (something about this rigorous SEC schedule tells me the Crimson Tide won't go undefeated again).

Of course, I enjoy following Big 12 teams playing for the BCS Championship. A Big 12 team has made an appearance in the title game in seven of the championship's 12 years.

There's something that just tugs at my curiosity, though, for seeing what would happen if a mid-major played for the chance to seize college football's grandest prize.

Big 12 dominating rushing charts

A Big 12 note to track in the coming weeks: It's only one set of games, but the conference is dominating the rushing chart after week 1.

The following are the top three rushers in the country:

  1. Kendall Hunter, Oklahoma State: 257 yards.
  2. Daniel Thomas, Kansas State: 234 yards.
  3. DeMarco Murray, Oklahoma: 218 yards.

It's looking more and more like the conference is switching gears from a passing league to a running league. Stay tuned.

That should be all for now, friends. As always, discuss.


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