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Looking ahead: Will (just about) everyone root for Oklahoma over Nebraska?


So that's why they call it Bedlam.

Oklahoma and Oklahoma State collided in a thrilling, back-and-forth touchdown fest on Saturday night that resulted in a 47-41 Oklahoma triumph in Stillwater, Okla. For more reflection, check out the latest episode of Conference ChatterTV above.

It felt like I was at a tennis match, with my eyes shifting from right to left, then quickly back from left to right, trying to keep up with the action. The Sooners and Cowboys erupted for three touchdowns in a 33-second span in the fourth quarter.

Classic game. A few Conference Chatter bullet-point observations:

Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Texas A&M finished the conference season in a three-way tie at 6-2. Because the Sooners sported the best BCS ranking Sunday night at No. 9, they advanced as the South representative to the Big 12 Championship next Saturday to take on Nebraska (10-2 overall, 6-2 Big 12).

Just a guess here: Oklahoma will temporarily replace the Dallas Cowboys in Arlington, Texas, next Saturday as America's team. Reasoning is simple. No Big 12 fan base, perhaps with the exception of Texas, will want Nebraska beating Oklahoma in the last Big 12 title game before the Huskers bolt for the Big Ten next year.

Can you imagine if Nebraska wins? It'd be the most awkward trophy presentation in the history of college football. Commissioner Dan Beebe, the floor is yours, sir. Time to hand over the shiny trophy to hot-tempered coach Bo Pelini, while his players salute their fans who want to get the heck out of your league. No one wants to see that, do they?

I guess that's why I'm asking. Most of our readers on this website obviously are supporters of Kansas, one of 10 schools remaining in the Big 12 after this season.

Who do you want to see win the Big 12 Championship?

I'm convinced the Oklahoma State defense took Big 12 play of the year honors on Saturday night. If you didn't see the interception by OSU sophomore cornerback Brodrick Brown, you missed something special. Thanks to YouTube, I'll include it in an embedded video below. You don't want to miss this:

... Wow. I don't even know where to start.

To have the presence of mind, in such a short time, to bat the ball back to a fellow defender was a brilliant, heads-up play by Brown, a Houston native.

He had to think about a ton of things in no more than a few seconds, tops. Track the ball off Oklahoma quarterback Landry Jones' hands. Remember to stay in bounds before laying out for the pass. Then, tip the ball in a way that a fellow defender has the chance to grab it. Oh, and don't bat the ball in the vicinity of a Sooner.

One of the most incredible defensive plays I've ever seen.

Next Saturday will mark the final Big 12 Championship in the conference. For now, at least.

Cowboys Stadium was supposed to play host to the championship game through the 2013 season, but over the summer, Nebraska left for the Big Ten and Colorado peaced out to the Pac-12. NCAA rules require a league has at least 12 members to stage a football championship game.

Should the conference eventually expand and add two more teams, a championship game would come back into play. For now, though, sorry Jerry Jones. No more Cowboys Stadium in December for the Big 12.

Oklahoma vs. Nebraska will be a fascinating matchup. Yeah, the most obvious reason is because Nebraska is leaving next season. But these are two quality teams that didn't meet in the regular season. It's kind of a flashback to the glory days of the Big Eight, when the Sooners and Huskers were bitter rivals.

Also keep in mind, Pelini served as Oklahoma co-defensive coordinator in 2004. OU went 12-1 that year and lost to USC in the BCS Championship.

Here's the final football edition in 2010 of the Sorrentino Scale. The number that follows in parentheses is what the team was ranked last week:

1 (2). Oklahoma (10-2): Sooners close out regular season proving they can win on road. Twice. Big 12 doesn't have national title contender, but Sooners look like conference's best.
2 (3). Nebraska (10-2): Will Taylor Martinez (right ankle, left foot) be healthy enough to play next Saturday?
3 (1). Oklahoma State (10-2): Still best season in school history.
4 (4). Missouri (10-2): Was there a quieter 10-2 season in the country?
5 (5). Texas A&M (9-3): Aggies close year with six straight victories. No one should want to face them this postseason.
6 (6). Baylor (7-5): Bears idle this past weekend. Amazing accomplishment to reach bowl game for first time since 1994.
7 (7). Kansas State (7-5): Daniel Thomas abusing North Texas for career-high 269 yards (two scores).
8 (8) Texas Tech (7-5): Red Raiders closed with wins in three of last four games.
9 (9). Iowa State (5-7): Barely missed out on second consecutive bowl appearance.
10 (10). Texas (5-7): Do you think UT fans will focus on hoops for once in December?
11 (11). Colorado (5-7): Who will be next football coach at CU?
12 (12). Kansas (3-9): Jayhawks need a QB badly.

Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving. That should be all for now, friends. As always, discuss.


just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 7 years, 6 months ago

"To have the presence of mind, in such a short time, to bat the ball back to a fellow defender was a brilliant, heads-up play by Brown, a Houston native."

He must be an ultimate frisbee player-- It's a common play in that game. But a great play, nonetheless.

Even though most fans outside of Nebraska and Colorado will be rooting for Oklahoma, somehow it seems appropriate that Nebraska and Oklahoma meet for one last time with the Big 8(12) championship on the line.

BigDog 7 years, 6 months ago

Nebraska is just upset that they and Oklahoma can no longer run the league. Nebraska wishes they were like the University of Texas. Besides Notre Dame, the University of Texas is one of very few schools (maybe the only other) that could have their own national TV network contract.

Nebraska is a quality acedemic and research university, they will be a great addition to the Big 10+2 .... but they will never compete with Texas in athletics.

Mary Darst 7 years, 6 months ago

TOB We agree again!!!! FREE Willie and GO NEBRASKA!!!!!!!! I have been a part time fan of Nebraska for 30years. Mr. Johnson was just saying last week how he missed that big OU-Neb. Thanksgiving game. Now we have one last game. Go Cornhuskers!!!!!! I would have loved to see OSU win on Sat. but, oh well. I just like to see a loss for OKLA.

yourworstnightmare 7 years, 6 months ago

Go Big Red!

Win it and wipe the dust of the Big teXasII from your heels.

Dan Beebe can present himself with a trophy.

strateup 7 years, 6 months ago

This should be a classic, don't miss game.

kshusker 7 years, 6 months ago

It should be a classic game and a fitting way to end the Big 12. If the Big 12 had designated one team to play annually from the other division, we could have kept this rivalry intact. Nebraska fans truly missed playing Oklahoma every year during Thanksgiving. It was a heated rivalry yet with tons of respect for each other. It would have been much harder to leave the Big 12 if we were giving up playing Oklahoma every year. It had already been taken away from us. Go Huskers!

Terry Sexton 7 years, 6 months ago

Boomer Sooner, baby!

My neighbors on each side are always flying their friggin' husker flags on game day. I fly my Jayhawk flag, but that's different; it's a Jayhawk flag.

Glad to see 'em go, the cornfed palookas. Hope they enjoy marvelous academic success cuz they ain't winning squat sportswise in the Big 10. They gonna be the Big 10's Missouri. Cain't quite git er done.

Oklahoma 34, Nebraska 20

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