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Pig campaign works to save consumers' bacon

Shanxi Upsdell

The economy must be in bad shape when [a national public service campaign][1] is encouraging "the 40 million Americans age 25 to 34 to take control of their personal finances."And the best title it can invent? Feed the Pig.This little piggy, named Benjamin Bankes, is a 36-year-old male living in ...

Old bosses and ax murders

Mike Belt

Today is National Boss Day. It's a day when workers are supposed to let their bosses know how much they are appreciated.But what if you don't like your boss? A bad boss can be the deciding factor when a good employee finally decides to quit. That's according to a survey ...

Credit card rates headed up for some

Mike Belt

Last week the Federal Reserve cut its key lending rate half a percentage point to 1.5 percent. The cut was designed to encourage lenders to loosen credit and maybe spur more car and business loans and drop credit card rates.Not all cardholders will see an interest rate decrease, according to ...

Try this risk-free stock market investment

Shanxi Upsdell

Through the Internet, I was just handed $1 million to invest in the stock market. It was only virtual money. But I felt a surge of power nevertheless, eyeing the green $1,000,000 in my stock analysis portfolio on what people have called the "Traders' Facebook" - [][1].The site gives members ...

Collection agencies sometimes off the mark

Mike Belt

A few years ago almost every night when I would go home from work there would be at least one message on my home phone machine. The caller was usually loud, sarcastic and intimidating.It was a man calling from a debt collection firm trying to collect some money. But they ...

AG offers identity theft repairs

Mike Belt

The Kansas Attorney General's office has produced an identity theft repair kit.Released only a few days ago, the kit is a brochure that describes how to prevent and repair damage caused by identity thieves, according to a news release from Attorney General Stephen Six.Identify theft is the fastest growing crime ...

7 money-saving tips for traveling abroad

Shanxi Upsdell

How have you kept expenses down while planning for international travel? I've found the following ideas useful:1) Money conversions. Generally, I've stayed away from travelers' checks because I like to travel as simply as possible, and not all the places where I want to spend money will accept them. During ...

Insurance advice offered to grandparents

Mike Belt

Grandparents in Kansas who are raising their grandchildren have better access to information they need when it comes to insurance issues.Earlier this month Kansas Insurance Commissioner Sandy Praeger announced expanded components of the Insure U consumer education program. You can find information about raising grandchildren and helping single parents better ...

Predatory credit card practices targeted

Mike Belt

At the end of July the U.S. House of Representatives Financial Services Committee passed a bill that would curb predatory credit card lending practices. It now awaits a vote on the House floor.The bill, H.R. 5244, is called the Credit Cardholders' Bill of Rights and was introduced in February by ...

Playing with numbers

Mike Belt

So just how bad is the poverty rate in Lawrence? Is it really 20 percent of the population, as the latest U.S. Census Bureau data indicates and [as was reported earlier this week][1]?How about heads, "yes," tails, "no."Some callers and those who placed comments online about the story noted that ...

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