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State launches stimulus plan Web site


Kansas has a new Web site that is being used to put out information about the new federal stimulus package. Lt. Gov. Mark Parkinson announced it Tuesday, the same day President Barack Obama signed the stimulus plan.Parkinson said that as additional information about the stimulus and its effect on Kansas is known, it will be placed on the Web site.Right now the site lists the following benefits for Kansas:1. Kansas will receive an estimated $350 million for highway construction projects. Another $27 million is to be spent on transit projects throughout the state.2.Kansas will receive increased funding in a State Fiscal Stabilization Fund, which will be distributed to local school districts using existing formulas.3. Funds will be available to accelerate adoption of health information technology systems by physicians and hospitals. The technology systems are supposed reduce medical errors and improve quality.4. Kansas is also expected to benefit from a nationwide total of $30 billion dedicated to energy efficiency initiatives.


jonmac 8 years, 10 months ago

The State of Kansas will recieve $27 million for transit projects. I would assume Lawrence should recive part of that money. Wouldn't it be nice if the City would bring the signal lights up to date all around the city. There is more fuel wasted sitting at an empty street crossing when no traffic is coming frome the other direction.
I leave for work 5:45 in the morning just for I don't have to sit at an empty crossing. If I happen to leave a little later, and I hit the crossing at 6:00am, (when the lights change for morning traffic), guess what, I'm setting at Lawrence and 23rd. Why because the switch over green light lets traffic on Lawrence go first. I bet I could count on one hand how many time I have seen traffic coming off of Lawrence Ave. at that time of morning. Then we have to wait on the turn signal when no traffic is coming. This is only one example of the pour system this city has. What a way to go "GREEN", in times like this, we all could use a little savings and what a better way of doing so by buying less fuel. I know there is a better system to direct traffic. Its been talked about before. Now would be a good time to up date the signal lights throughout the city.

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