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New Web site offers money-saving tips


Kansas Lt. Gov. Mark Parkinson has a new Web site designed to help people save money.“Just as the state of Kansas is finding ways to cut back, we understand that people across the state are doing the same,” Parkinson said in a news release. “The guide is just one way we can provide resources to Kansans that can help them stretch every dollar they spend – from efficiency to education.”The Web site covers a variety of topics, including travel, energy, groceries, just to mention a few.Some examples:“Leave your children at home when you grocery shop. If you take them a long, make sure they are well-fed and have some favorite toys to keep them occupied.”From tips for making extra money for Christmas shopping: Grab a ladder and clean leaves from your neighbors’ gutters; sell something on eBay or offer to collect people’s empty soda cans.Most of the tips on the Web site are found in the numerous links that are provided to take you directly to other money-saving sites.


LogicMan 9 years, 1 month ago

"Grab a ladder and clean leaves from your neighbors’ gutters"Stay away from mine! :-("sell something on eBay"Make sure it's yours, and already paid for first.

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