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I came across this [Reader's Digest article][1] recently, and I liked the format.It lists 10 money-related hurdles facing U.S. consumers and sets forth some creative ways to tackle them. One way in particular stood out for me: 4. Your son left for college, and you want to keep in touch -- without paying huge phone bills. Solution: Talk for free on the Internet. Go to skype.com and download free software that allows you to make free domestic calls (and very inexpensive international calls) to other Skype users. David Kavaler, a junior at Northeastern University in Boston, went to Venice, Italy, for a summer photo program and used Skype to call home. "It was very cheap, so I didn't bust my budget on phone bills," he says. Google is also developing a network to handle calls and instant messages to friends anytime, anywhere. Google Talk is free. Go to google.com/talk to sign up. JAJAH recently introduced a free global calling plan. Go to jajah.com, enter your own phone number and the number of the person you want to call. Your phone will ring and a recorded voice will announce that you are being connected to your friend's phone. Within moments, you are talking. Free. After this initial call, both you and your friend will need to register (no charge) at jajah.com to continue the free chats. Most countries are in JAJAH's free zones, but check before calling. Take note: Some phone companies charge for incoming calls.In this university town, what would you classify as the biggest obstacles to reaching your financial goals? [1]: http://www.rd.com/advice-and-know-how/keep-more-cash/article29607.html


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