Harbaugh pulls a Mangino (and Butch Jones news)

Word on the street (the Internet) is that Jim Harbaugh’s got a little Mark Mangino in him.

According to the Baltimore Sun (and anyone who watched the Ravens-Packers Monday Night Football game this week), Harbaugh, who was on the sideline to watch brother John coach the Ravens, had no problem letting the officials know exactly how he felt about certain calls.

During one timeout, Harbaugh — Stanford’s head coach and a potential candidate for the Kansas coaching vacancy — apparently made his way onto the field, pointing and screaming at officials about who knows what, and forcing his brother to call him off the field.

Afterward, John said he figured the NFL would respond to the situation.

“Yeah, we’ve got to get Coach Harbaugh under control, but it’s the other one, right?” John told the Baltimore media on Wednesday. “One time I turned around and we were having the debate about the two-minute time management situation out there — that the officials handled in a certain way — and I look back there and there’s Jim there screaming at the official. I was like, ‘You can’t be out here. Back up.’ Have we heard from the league on that yet? We expect to hear from the league on that.”

(In the end, the Ravens weren’t fined.)

Anyway, the incident calls to mind a 2002 story in which the recently-departed Mangino was seen yelling and pointing at high school officials following a game in which his son, Tommy, had played quarterback for Lawrence High.

Mangino was later reprimanded by Lawrence High officials, but shrugged off the incident as “no big deal.”

Anyway, that’s just a note.

Do with it what you may.

In other news, the Morning Sun in Michigan is reporting that an interview has been set up between Central Michigan coach Butch Jones and KU officials at some point in the next few days.