Parties name slate of people who will cast Kansas’ electoral college votes in presidential election

All three recognized political parties in Kansas have named their slate of people who will cast the state’s six electoral votes in the event their presidential candidate wins Kansas in November.

During presidential elections, a lot is written about electoral votes. And with the miracle of modern computer graphics, newspapers and TV stations love to show maps of the United States shaded as either “red” or “blue.”

But it’s sometimes easy to forget that the “Electoral College,” as it’s referred to in the Constitution, is actually composed of real people. And once the final canvass of votes is complete, those people gather, usually in their respective state capitols, and mark paper ballots reflecting the state’s electoral votes. Those are then sent to the United States Senate where they are opened and counted. And that’s the point when the presidential election is officially decided, although in reality, we all know the results long before that happens.

Being chosen for the Electoral College is largely an honorary thing that usually goes to high-ranking party officials. Of course, parties have to be careful about whom they choose because there is no law that says electors must vote in accordance with the popular vote in their state. But they always do, and state party organizations try to make sure of that.

So, for those who hunger for an utterly arcane piece of Kansas political trivia, here’s the list of each party’s designated presidential electors for this year:

Kansas Republican Party:

• Ashley J. McMillan, Concordia, party vice chair.

• Helen Van Etten, Topeka, national committeewoman.

• Mark Kahrs, Wichita, national committeeman.

• Ron Estes, Wichita, Kansas State Treasurer.

• Clayton L. Barker, Leawood, party executive director.

• Kelly Arnold, Wichita, party chairman.

Kansas Democratic Party:

• Oletha Faust-Goudeau, Wichita, state senator.

• Jean Schodorf, Sedan, party secretary.

• Teresa Krusor, Winfield, national committeewoman.

• Rehan Reza, Topeka, 2nd District vice chair.

• Tom Sawyer, Wichita, state representative.

• Christopher Reeves, Scott City, national committeeman.

Libertarian Party of Kansas:

• Rob Hodgkinson, Stilwell, party chairman.

• Sharon DuBois, Topeka, party vice chair.

• Stacey Davis, Auburn, party volunteer.

• Joey Frazier, Salina, 1st District coordinator.

• Michael Kerner, Lenexa, 3rd District deputy coordinator.

• Robert D. Garrard, Edgerton, candidate, U.S. Senate.