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Take the House GOP tax preference survey


Struggling to find consensus within their own ranks about which taxes they're willing to raise to close the state's $400 million budget gap, Republican leaders in the Kansas House on Sunday resorted to a simple survey.

The survey, which is available below, lists a number of options that have been floated around so far this year, and it asks members to check which ones they could vote for.

Within minutes of handing it out during a caucus meeting, people following the Legislature on social media got the idea that maybe the public should be allowed to weigh in on it too. So, in the interest of full and open debate, we're posting the survey form on this page. You can also download a pdf version of it here, fill it out and send it to your legislator.

And while it may have been unintentional, the form also leaves plenty of room to write in your own suggestions.

A list of all the email addresses and office phone numbers of Kansas House members can be found here. And the Senators' contact info can be found here.

Kansas House Republicans' survey on tax policy preferences.

Kansas House Republicans' survey on tax policy preferences. by Peter Hancock


Jack Krebs 3 years ago

How about: a) Leave sales tax rate where it is b) Repeal the income exemption for LLC, etc. income

I don't see those options there.

Lynn Grant 3 years ago

Too simple, Jack, even for the simpletons in the majority of the Legislature.

Dorothy Hoyt-Reed 3 years ago

Jack is right. All we have to do is repeal the stupid tax exemption and it's fixed. Where is that option. I know how my rep and senator will vote, but they are in the minority. Thanks to Mr. Wilson and Mr. Holland for representing us, and not the Kochs.

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