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Law enforcement issues warning against bringing back pot from Colorado


With western neighbor Colorado legalizing marijuana, Kansas officials on Tuesday issued a reminder that the sale, possession or use of pot is still illegal in the Sunflower State.

"Kansas law enforcement has seen and seized marijuana acquired in Colorado and brought illegally to Kansas," the statement said.

The statement was signed by Kansas Attorney Gen. Derek Schmidt, Kansas Highway Patrol Superintendent Col. Ernest Garcia; Kansas Sheriffs Association President and Gray County Sheriff Jim Kramer; and Kansas Association of Chiefs of Police President and Wamego Police Chief Mike Baker.

"We remind Kansans never to bring marijuana into Kansas from Colorado. Doing so is a crime, and Kansas still enforces its law," they said.


Steve King 4 years ago

Something is not right when you can go to jail on one side of the road and not the other for the same thing.

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