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As Legislature remains deadlocked, Brownback in Chicago touting tax cuts


Topeka — As the Kansas Legislature remained deadlocked over taxes and spending, Gov. Sam Brownback is speaking today at a $40-a-ticket luncheon in Chicago before the Illinois Policy Institute.

The event has been titled "There's no place like home. A conversation with Kansas Governor Sam Brownback."

The information about the event says that Brownback "has proven to be an innovative reformer seeking to expand liberty in the Sunflower State." It says Brownback enacted the largest income tax cut in Kansas history and is seeking more cuts.

The Illinois Policy Institute describes itself as a non-partisan organization dedicated to supporting free market principles and liberty-based public policy initiatives. Here is a link to information about the event.link text


Hooligan_016 5 years ago

Can I provide a dissenting argument to the luncheon?

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 5 years ago

"The Illinois Policy Institute describes itself as a non-partisan organization"

Why do they feel the need to lie about their obvious partisanship?

chootspa 5 years ago

Probably the same reason they feel they need to disguise the Koch political action wing as a bunch of individual think tanks and PACS.

Mike1949 5 years ago

That is what the conservatives do!

ENVIROPEACE 5 years ago

Expand liberty for the Koch bro's maybe? Certainly not the middle class, or less fortunate...

question4u 5 years ago

"The information about the event says that Brownback "has proven to be an innovative reformer seeking to expand liberty in the Sunflower State.'"

That's right, it's the amazing Flim-Flam Sam! He can turn the ace of spades into the queen of clubs, and he can expand liberty by turning Kansas into a third-world state run by the Chamber of Commerce! So, come one, come all to the Illinois Policy Institute Circus! Come to be dumbfounded by Flim-Flam Sam's illusions, and stay for the Illinois Policy Institue's Clown-capades! You'll laugh 'til your sides split!

Thomas Bryce Jr. 5 years ago

I had no Idea that stealing from the poor to give to the rich makes you an "innovative Reformer". Of course, if you are a Rich person benefiting from Brownback's policies, I could see how you could make that assumption.Not many "Other Than Rich" at that event though.

FlintHawk 5 years ago

Accidentally hit "Suggest removal" instead of reply. So sorry, I definitely do NOT want your comment removed.

4getabouit 5 years ago

This is too sad to comment on. He's in Chicago bragging about something that has not yet proven a prosperity boom? Some leader.

Mel Wedermyer 5 years ago

"There's no place like home." Because I'm in Chicago.....instead of Kansas.

Thomas Bryce Jr. 5 years ago

$40 a Head? WOW! Ole Sam is an A-Lister! Bet THAT Place was Packed. Did they give out Autographed Pictures of Brownback Too?

DScully 5 years ago

Probably would have to pay somebody to accept an autographed smirking pic of him.

Armstrong 5 years ago

Sam's tax cuts will never fly in land of the stinky onion ( Chicako - just for you Tusch ). Taxes are the life blood of the corrupt politicians and union thugs. 4 of the last 5 IL. Govs are or have done time in State and Federal penn's for corruption. Oh yeah and Barry is from there too.

verity 5 years ago

Apparently you are great friends with the president since you keep calling him sweet little pet names.

DScully 5 years ago

I wonder if they were served complimentary Koch's? Follow the trail to The Illinois Policy Institute and you find ALEC and the Koch bros as contributors. So ironic, the man is known as one of the governors with the worse tax plan in the nation. No wonder it only cost $40 per empty head.

verity 5 years ago

I'd pay money to send him on a permanent vacation. Preferably to another country.

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