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Former Senate president mentioned as challenger to Brownback says he's not running


Topeka — A possible election challenge to Gov. Sam Brownback by former Senate President Steve Morris has been batted around the Twitterverse recently.

Contacted by phone, Morris, a Republican from Hugoton, said he has no plans to run for governor in 2014, but he added, "In this business, you never want to say never."

Morris said there was been discussion around the state of trying to challenge Brownback, a conservative Republican, with an independent or third-party candidate. He said there is probably no way a moderate Republican could defeat Brownback during the GOP primary because of the strength of conservatives within the party.

Morris said he believes Brownback's income tax cuts are hurting the state.

"The tax plan that the governor engineered last year was a big mistake, and this (Brownback's desire to eliminate the state income tax altogether) would just compound that mistake," he said.

Morris was one of 9 moderate Republican senators who were defeated in the GOP primary in August 2012. The moderates were targeted by Wichita-based Koch Industries and groups loyal to Brownback, such as the Kansas Chamber of Commerce and Kansans for Life.


question4u 4 years ago

"...because of the strength of conservatives within the party."

There's nothing conservative about those in power. They haven't expressed any interest in conserving anything.

Does it really make sense to believe that the majority of Kansans have long wanted to destroy public education, undermine workers' rights, eliminate taxes for the wealthy, increase taxes on the poor, reduce aid to the disabled. and let highways and prisons deteriorate? Eventually it will be crystal clear that the Brownback administration and the Chamber of Commerce's hand-picked legislature have run Kansas into the ground.

Those opposing the systematic dismantling of Kansas for the increased prosperity of the wealthy are conservatives. The extremists in power at the moment are the very definition of radicals.

verity 4 years ago

"There's nothing conservative about those in power. They haven't expressed any interest in conserving anything."

And yet they keep being called that and too many people seem to believe it.

I've already registered as a Republican so I can vote in the primaries and I've no doubt many others would do so if Morris runs. Or Sandy Praeger. Or pretty much anybody other than Brownback.

Frederic Gutknecht IV 4 years ago

It is being dealt with and will hopefully dealt a debilitating blow.

Mike1949 4 years ago

We are dealing with it as Kansas continues it's deterioration!

Thomas Christie 4 years ago

Morris would be an excellent governor.

Brock Masters 4 years ago

Other than not being Brownback, what is so great about Morris?

chootspa 4 years ago

A moderate Republican running as an independent might be the only way it could happen.

Brock Masters 4 years ago

Why does it have to be a moderate Republican? Why couldn't it be a moderate Democrat?

Frederic Gutknecht IV 4 years ago

Why shouldn't it be ANYONE but Brownbeak? He's a shill for the corporatocracy and a shrill advocate of the wealthy prospering at the expense of the less prosperous.

chootspa 4 years ago

Because more democrats would cross party lines for a moderate than the other way around, sad to say.

Brock Masters 4 years ago

If Morris couldn't beat Larry Powell what chance does he have against Brownback. Morris would run if he thought he'd have a chance to win.

Thomas Christie 4 years ago

Why don't you just go Google him since you don't seem to believe anyone.

chootspa 4 years ago

Since there weren't any changes to sales tax yet, and the income taxes won't kick in for most filers until next year, I'm gonna say, "no."

TongiJayhawk 4 years ago

Humm... the amount taken out for my state taxes has dropped since Jan? So, if the numbers continue to improve into next year, then you will be in agreement that the policies are working?

JayhawkFan1985 4 years ago

I'd prefer to learn that Deb Miller, former Secretary of Transportation, is running for governor as a DEMOCRAT now that the Republicans are burning our beautiful state.

KS 4 years ago

Go Brownie. Four more years.

JayhawkFan1985 4 years ago

Dumbest comment I've read in over a year, ks.

optimist 4 years ago

Eliminating the income tax is the best economic policy I've seen come out of the legislature in some time. Consumption based taxes are the only way to fairly tax. The simple fact is that as long as Government uses the tax code to redistribute wealth (i.e. Earned Income Tax, Green Energy tax breaks for companies like GE, corporate welfare) and uses the tax code to manipulate the behavior of citizens (i.e. tax penalties for failing to carry healthcare insurance, tax breaks for buying electric vehicles) there can be no fairness and true liberty is a fallacy. Government is not the protector of freedom; it is the oppressor of freedom. It is incumbent on each citizen to restrain Government in order to protect that liberty, despite the allure of what the Government is offering.

maestrojames 4 years ago

Steve Morris would be the best Governor the state of Kansas could have.

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