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Brownback running for re-election


Topeka — Gov. Sam Brownback is running for re-election.

A message recently sent to supporters seeks to raise funds for the 2014 election.

"With your help, we're turning Kansas around," the message from Brownback says.

Brownback, a Republican elected in 2010, says he turned a projected budget deficit into a surplus, increased private sector jobs and cut taxes.

"It's been a lot of work, but it's been worth it. Now is the time to protect and build on our achievements," he said.

Democrats have argued that budget shortfall problems were fixed primarily through the passage of a sales tax increase before Brownback took office, and that Brownback's tax cuts benefit the wealthy and will hurt funding for education and social services.

But no Democrat has announced an intention to take on Brownback in the governor's race.

David Kensinger, who is president of Brownback's political action committee, today said, "The Governor is running for re-election and is actively raising funds and mobilizing grassroots supporters.There has not been a conventional announcement tour per se, but he is a candidate for re-election with an active committee."


Bobby Burch 3 years ago

Wait, he's not going to run for POTUS?! I heard his chances are really great this time around ... polling great around his home state, signing logical and fair tax plans and such astounding name recognition ... why wouldn't he run?!

JayhawkFan1985 3 years ago

God help us if he wins a 2nd term as governor. Abandon all hope if he is elected president...we will be in hell if that happens.

William Enick 3 years ago

Problem is...who the heck, if you are a Dem or a Green wants to straighten this pile out. Don't know of many Dems or Greens moving here...

Kate Rogge 3 years ago

He'll never make it out of the primaries for a presidential run. Not now, not ever. The GOP has younger and better looking crazies from larger states it can run. Brownback is a small toad in a thinly populated pond. Thank God, huh?

Maddy Griffin 3 years ago

Presidential election doesn't come around again until 2016. He may run then.

ksjayhawk74 3 years ago

"The Governor is running for re-election and is actively raising funds and mobilizing grassroots supporters."

Grassroots supporters? You mean the Koch brothers, right?

frankfussman 3 years ago

"The Committee to Make Brownback a One-term Governor"

Lefty54 3 years ago

Worst governor since Joan Finney.

Lefty54 3 years ago

No I remember Kathleen very well. As I said, Brownback is the worst Governor since Joan Finney. And it's not even close.

Thomas Christie 3 years ago

Money may not be able to buy you happiness but it sure can get you a governorship.

TongiJayhawk 3 years ago

I continue to see this argument over and over. Where exactly are votes being bought? No one bought my vote, or the vote of anyone I know.

bevy 3 years ago

So are the dems just gonna sit around and bi*** and moan, or are we gonna put up someone who can take this bozo on?

Charlie Dominguez 3 years ago

What about Holland running one more time? Come back to Kansas Kathleen!!

1southernjayhawk 3 years ago

Yes, come back to Kansas, Kathleen, you carpetbagger. You sure have been wonderful in charge of the mess that is Obamacare.

verity 3 years ago

She probably could beat him just by putting her name on the ballot.

Kate Rogge 3 years ago

How about Jill Docking? Or Sandy Praeger?

chootspa 3 years ago

Jill Docking is rumored to be a possible contender this year.

yourworstnightmare 3 years ago

Of course Brownback is running for re election as governor.

His dreams of running for president were destroyed by Rick Perry and Barack Hussein Obama last year.

Alas, he will be confined to ruining only Kansas.

Lisa Medsker 3 years ago

SO glad I will have graduated and can get the heck outta here by the end of 2014. That is, if we're allowed to leave, by then...

Thinking_Out_Loud 3 years ago

ridikkulus, I do not understand your last comment: why would you not be allowed to leave?

Lisa Medsker 3 years ago

"Brownbackistan"...Most of those countries ending in "-stan" have closed borders.

Christine Anderson 3 years ago

"It;s the end of the state as we know it, and I DON'T feel fine".

Leslie Swearingen 3 years ago

Love it, best comment ever on the situation!!!

George_Braziller 3 years ago

I for one am happy that he decided to run again. Seeing him go down on in flames on election day or a primary will be worth listening to more of his baseless blathering.

GeneParmesan 3 years ago

Of course he's running for a second term. He's only half done ruining the state!

Matthew Herbert 3 years ago

Lots of whining....and yet I see no one challenging. Typical.

Hooligan_016 3 years ago

How long have you been in Kansas? Everyone west of Salina/Wichita votes straight (R) ticket.

verity 3 years ago

You mean we have to stop blaming western Kansas and the rural population for our woes?

chootspa 3 years ago

The strategy is to woo the greedy upper middle class Johnson County republicans with tax cuts and the rural social conservatives with abortion bans and hope that neither of them figure out that his policies ultimately work against everyone's interests but the mega wealthy.

oldexbeat 3 years ago

Seems that the primaries are the key and the western counties might vote more in primaries than the Johnson county voters ? Any figures on that ?

chootspa 3 years ago

Extremists vote more in primaries.

tomatogrower 3 years ago

And there are a whole lot of people out west unhappy with Brownie.

Teri Chambers 3 years ago

Really? The last few times I was in that nec of the woods they were strong supporters of Brownie. Do these unhappy people get out and vote? Or did they fall victim to the Koch advertisements?

Brock Masters 3 years ago

Word is he is the candidate but just hasn't announced yet.

Maracas 3 years ago

I'd vote for a cow patty if it ran against Brownback.

Patricia Davis 3 years ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

Patricia Davis 3 years ago

A distinction without a difference.

feetup 3 years ago

oh. hell. no. Someone has GOT to stop this moron. I'd run for governor myself if I were more educated. I sure as heck couldn't do any worse.

We need BROWNBACK OUT OF KANSAS signs in every yard from the state lines all the way to the red koch zones.

bad_dog 3 years ago

Or it could be we are as concerned about him defecating on other adversely affected doorsteps as we are our own.

Lefty54 3 years ago

I don't think Hillary will pick him for anything in 2016 or 2020. When Hillary's 8 years are up Sam will be just a bad memory. By then the GOP will be a permanent minority party unable to win a national election.

kernal 3 years ago

boiled said "....by our next Republican president....".

Liberty275 3 years ago

I hope you aren't married to the idea the republicans won't take back the presidency in 2016. Hilary would be an ok president, but after all the Obama/democrat scandals, she doesn't really have a chance. She's all you have. Lots of viable Republicans are already moving to take back the white house. As long as Rand Paul is vice president, any of them will do.

Lisa Medsker 2 years, 11 months ago

Or better yet, one of those "scandals" that wasn't completely fabricated...

Thinking_Out_Loud 3 years ago

Three words, boiled: Governor Jeff Colyer.

kernal 3 years ago

The moderate Republicans need to start giving some serious consideration as to which party they are going to align themselves with this next time around. Personally, I don't think this state will survive another term of Brownback. But, I'm only a voter who still believes our government should be by the people and for the people, not by corporate America and for corporate America.

rtwngr 3 years ago

@ markoo - Um, we were in the red when Queen Kathy left office. The fiscal situation was so dire that Republicans swept into office and increased majorities in both houses of congress. Now, fiscally speaking, things are better and improving every day. Vote for Sam he's our man!!

chootspa 3 years ago

Didja take a look at national numbers about then? Didja take a look at which party controlled the house and senate during the entire time she was in office? Of course not. Why have perspective?

Next year is going to be a doozie. That's the year we get the full reckoning of the mess he's done on our revenue. Ooh boy.

Lefty54 3 years ago

He'll go down in history as the failed Governor who drove a once proud state into bankruptcy. And since both the house and Senate are overwhelmingly GOP, they won't have anyone to blame but themselves.

verity 3 years ago

Oh, but they'll find a way to blame someone else. That is something you can take to the bank.They always find a way.

kernal 3 years ago

ijm, we don't "hate" (my, my, how some people love to throw that word around) Brownback, we just disagree with his political theorem. Hate should be reserved for truly heinous acts such as genocide, child molestation, etcetera.

Liberty275 3 years ago

"Hate should be reserved for truly heinous acts such as genocide"

That's odd because genocide is usually rooted in hate. Maybe we should try to not hate, ever.

Hating is like punching yourself in the face and waiting for the other guy's nose to start bleeding.

Lisa Medsker 3 years ago

Every single Republican friend I have hates him, too. So what is it he's doing right, unless running the state into the ground is considered a "good" thing, just because it annoys Liberals? Doesn't sound well though-out, to me.

chootspa 3 years ago

We should put out the rumor that liberals are annoyed by medicaid expansion and fully funded schools.

Lisa Medsker 3 years ago

Ooo! Hey! Good idea! A workable budget where the least able and the lowest income aren't suffering just irritates me to no end... I hate it! I hate education, too!

(Was that convincing?)

chootspa 3 years ago

That's the spirit! I totally hate living wages and funded pensions. I completely hate taxing capital gains as if it were regular income.

verity 3 years ago

Had a conversation with some older ladies yesterday. A number seemed to think that Brownback had lowered taxes. I don't think they comprehended when I tried to tell them that it was only on the very wealthy and it was a good possibility that their's were raised.

One lady, who always absolutely knows how things are even when she doesn't, tried to say that it hadn't happened yet. She gave me a dirty look when I told her the laws had been passed and signed. Usually I don't bother arguing with her, but this time I felt the misinformation was too dangerous. They hear/read things about the "presidents of the universities" getting a raise, so obviously they have too much money.

I think that is one of our big problems. Too many people hear bits and pieces from the right wing and are not aware of what's really happening. By the time they figure it out, Brownback will have been re-elected. When our property taxes go up and our bridges fall down, they'll be complaining. Already country bridges around here being closed, causing great inconvenience for farmers trying to move their machinery, school buses, etc. I realize that will make some of the city slickers happy, but it's going to be another drag on the economy.

verity 3 years ago

So all bridges outside city limits are entirely paid for by the county?

And property taxes being raised to offset cuts in school funding, etc., will have an effect on money available for other things, and if property taxes aren't raised, it will certainly have an effect on services, some of which will affect these people.

Lefty54 3 years ago

Don't county road departments get federal and state money?

skull 3 years ago

What about all the middle income people that don't own a small incorporated business? Do they vote too? Is the rest of the middle class somehow more responsible for the tax burden because they don't work for themselves? Because there are a LOT more of us.

Abdu Omar 3 years ago

Sam Brownback is a stain on Kansas. He isn't a leader and he hasn't ideas of his own. He must go to other states to get ideas. Let's try to elect someone who thinks of Kansas first, will do the right thing for the majority and will lead us back to prosperity. That isn't Brownback!

tomatogrower 3 years ago

What we really need is a moderate Republican who will run against him in the primary, then all of us Democrats and Independents need to switch parties, so we can vote in the primary. We can stop him before the general election. You can always switch your party back after the primary. This can work, people. And if we can get the moderate Republicans off their duffs and get them to the primaries, it will work.

Maddy Griffin 3 years ago

And just because you re-register as a Republican does NOT mean you can only vote that way.

Lisa Medsker 3 years ago

We need a "moderate" ANYTHING to run against him, if nothing else, to balance the extremism. But would Koch allow the purchase of a moderate Government?

Liberty275 3 years ago

I wish the Koch brothers would elect a libertarian. A republican is better than a democrat, but a libertarian would be better than either.

Seriously Koch brothers, buy us a libertarian.

Lefty54 3 years ago

Oh yeah, the conservatives in Kansas will elect a Libertarian. Let's see what Libertarians believe-- abortion is fine and nobody's business. Drugs are nobody's business and should be legalized. Gay marriage is fine and it's nobody's business what people do in their bedrooms. Pornography is nobody's business and should not be regulated. Medicare should be abolished and senior citizens should fend for themselves.

Do you think the rigid, Christian right that controls Kansas is going to vote for any of that? No chance.

Liberty275 3 years ago

Medicare should be opt-in. Otherwise, a good synopsis. Come join us and let other people live their own lives. Nobody will make you look at dirty pictures or drop acid so you'll be OK.

I don't know about you, but I keep hearing about the Kochs getting Brownback elected, which really doesn't make sense because they are libertarian.

verity 3 years ago

Libertarian in name only and when it suits them. Does ALEC ring a bell? Who is behind that?

Richard Heckler 3 years ago

There is no logical reason for traditional old school republicans to support the this right wing party that retained the "GOP" to win elections. If this rt wing party campaigned as who they are an
election victory would never take place.

Instead this rt wing party improved their skills in deception,lying,reckless spending,killing women's rights and in general bringing more big government in our lives than we can imagine.

Unfortunately I say the GOP is dead due to a massive 30 year campaign based on fraud which converted the GOP into a party that which is difficult to recognize. Selling off government to the highest bidder under the guise of less government is not only fascism it is outright lying.

Liberty275 3 years ago

"There is no logical reason for traditional old school republicans to support the this right wing party"

Sure there is. Moderate republicans may not like the radical right, but they like the radical left even less. To them, Brownback is the lesser of two evils.

Kate Rogge 3 years ago

And where in Kansas is the radical left a political threat to GOP power? What a hoot. Moderate Republicans joined with any shade of Democrat can defeat Brownback.

Brock Masters 3 years ago

Brownback and the other statewide elections were in a large part a response to Obama and Obamacare.

jafs 3 years ago

Could be.

But, Obama-care is hardly a "far left" thing. And, reactively electing far right folks at the state level in response is a very bad idea, I'd say.

One might think that the world is divided into far left and far right, with nobody in the middle, but that's hardly the case. What's really happened is that the right has redefined the middle closer to them, and portrays anybody to the left of them as radical.

verity 3 years ago

I think you're taking a big leap there.

In Kansas it could have been the name recognition factor and the R factor and the fact that Holland didn't run much of a campaign, might even have been some misinformation involved.

Liberty275 3 years ago

It isn't about power, it is about not trusting democrats. You spent the last of your trust the last time you tried to undermine the second amendment. Maybe you will think about that before trying it again.

Kate Rogge 3 years ago

A moderate Republican - one you can be assured will not undermine the second amendment in Kansas - would gather the coalition support of moderate Republicans, Libertarians and Democrats. I believe a coalition candidate can win. That's what I'd like to see.

Liberty275 3 years ago

He has to win the primary first, and the democrats and libertarians can't help without manipulating the political system in a way that is pretty foul. I think enough people respect the political process to not sabotage the opposition's primary.

Besides, after the ACA, NSA, AWB and the assassination of American citizens, the democrats need a time-out. Don't worry, the right will screw up enough to lose again.

Kate Rogge 3 years ago

I agree its reprehensible to vote in the other guyr's primary, Liberty, but I was advocating an Independent candidate (a known moderate Republican) not running in the Republican primary at all. A strong moderate who wasn't taking our state down would be a welcome breath of fresh air and could win.

Richard Heckler 3 years ago

The radical right like the radical left represent a small number of voters. The radical right wing is NOT the GOP anymore than the radical left IS the democratic party.

Holland/Praeger would make a great voter choice

Praeger/Davis would make a great voter choice

Holland/Davis would make a great voter choice

Sandy Praeger /Jean Schodorf would make a great voter choice

Probably would be best to keep Holland in that Senate seat although he would make a fine governor.

Voters need to stop voting in the big spenders for these big spenders are owned by the big money behind them.

tomatogrower 3 years ago

The problem is that radical right voters are the ones who show up at the primaries. This is where the change needs to happen.

skinny 3 years ago

He'll get my vote too! About time someone stops handing out all these freebies at the tax payers expense!!

Lefty54 3 years ago

So you call assistance for the most developmentally disabled in our state "freebies"? This is exactly what our "Christian" conservative Governor is doing- picking on the most disabled in our state because they cannot fight back. It's cowardly.

Richard Heckler 3 years ago

What freebies? There is no such thing.

Richard Heckler 3 years ago

Voters need to stop voting in the big spenders for these big spenders are owned by the big money behind them.

verity 3 years ago

Too bad Molly Ivins is no longer with us. She would have had a heyday with Brownback and Kansas. She had a very unique way of cutting through the BS and exposing the truth and entertaining us at the same time---and she was equal opportunity. Although a self-described and unabashd liberal, she skewered anyone who was behaving badly.

I miss her.

Patricia Davis 3 years ago

She was one to call a bush a shrub!

Richard Heckler 3 years ago

"Brownback, a Republican elected in 2010, says he turned a projected budget deficit into a surplus, increased private sector jobs and cut taxes."

Is that so??? Last year, Kansas used workers' withholding taxes to bribe AMC Entertainment with a $47 million payment to move its headquarters from downtown Kansas City, Missouri, to a KC suburb on the Kansas side, just 10 miles away. What a ripoff

These are not new jobs. Employees simply drive to a different location.

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