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Bill averting fiscal cliff includes one-year extension of wind energy tax credit


Supporters of wind energy cheered final passage in Congress of the bill to avert the "fiscal cliff."

The bill included a one-year extension of the wind energy Production Tax Credit for projects that start construction this year.

This statement came from the American Wind Energy Association: "America's 75,000 workers in wind energy are celebrating tonight over the continuation of policies expected to save up to 37,000 jobs and create far more over time, and to revive business at nearly 500 manufacturing facilities across the country."

Gov. Sam Brownback has touted Kansas' growth in wind energy and supported extension of the credit. But he has also called for phasing it out over several years.


KEITHMILES05 4 years, 11 months ago

Sadly, the HOR guy from Wichita is hugely against these credits. Nothing like shooting yourself in the foot while wanting new business to create jobs. This type of new technology needs a good push and these credits are very worthwhile. Shame on those elected officials in this state who don't support them.

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