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State agriculture agency leaving Topeka for Manhattan


The Kansas Department of Agriculture announced Thursday that it is moving to Manhattan in summer 2014.

The plan is to house the agency in a new 50,000-square-foot facility built by the Kansas State University Foundation in the group's research park.

Agriculture Secretary Dale Rodman said the decision was made to move so the agency could work closer with other agricultural and bioscience entities, including the National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility. "Manhattan is the value-added center for agriculture," Rodman said.

KDA will maintain its main administrative offices in Topeka, but will move the majority of its programs to Manhattan. In addition, the department will maintain current field offices in Stafford, Stockton, Parsons and Garden City.


Shane Garrett 1 year ago

Lawrence accomplishing through inept leadership and lack of vision that which Quantrill could not.


Agnostick 1 year ago

Scott... I just got a tip from a friend of a friend in Topeka that at least some of the vacated office space in Topeka will used to house the new Kansas Department of Uterine Regulation, Observation, Insemination and Disposal (KanUROID). Can you check into that, please? Thanks, brother!


Michael LoBurgio 1 year ago

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sciencegeek 1 year ago

Just heard from some Board of Ag employees in Topeka. They found out about it from the online report from the Topeka newspaper. They didn't get the official email until sometime later in the day. How classless can you get?

Guess state employees don't deserve even the semblance of respect from this crowd. Must not be rich enough.


Patricia Davis 1 year ago

I say in the effort to reduce costs we eliminate this appendix of an ususeful organ called Secretary of Agriculture. Your boy Sammie has sold the small farm down the river.Only big boys with big checkbooks need apply. Who needs an office in Manhattan for that?


overthemoon 1 year ago

So they can be more directly under the thumb of Monsanto and other corporate ag business interests?


Joe Blackford II 1 year ago

IMHO, it's a great move to have the NBAF acolytes within inhalation distance of their shrine. All Local, State & Federal NBAF supporters should have housing on site for the 50-year duration of homeland terrorism risk.


sciencegeek 1 year ago

You're assuming that everyone who is working there now will be asked to move to Manhattan. That's not guaranteed. It'd be cheaper to dump the people there now in favor of new hires; it isn't like this crowd has any respect for state employees. Although there could be a few more houses available due to foreclosure.

BTW, great display of empathy there, Toe. Although I can think of another body part that you resemble more closely.


toe 1 year ago

Good move. This will free up a few homes in Lawrence, too.


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