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Boulevard offering refunds on some Chocolate Ale batches after 'unwanted flavor' detected


If you were one of the lucky ones who scored some Boulevard Chocolate Ale earlier this month, the Kansas City brewery wants you to know that some batches may have “an unwanted flavor.”

“We do routine quality checks on all of our beers and we recently found that some of the batches of Chocolate Ale have unwanted flavors that we really did not anticipate to have in the beer,” brewmaster Steven Pauwels said in a video posted on YouTube today.

The unwanted flavor is only in some batches of the bottled beer, he said. They are 2011-01, 2011-02 and 2011-03. According to a letter posted on Boulevard’s website, beers with the flavor are not harmful to consume. The taste did not extend to other Boulevard products.

The brewery identified the “undesirable” flavor while doing laboratory and sensory analysis of the beer, said marketing communications director Julie Weeks.

“It was part of our quality assurance program. We do this with all of our beers,” she said.

The brewery is offering refunds to those folks who got the extra-flavored ale. More information on that can be found here.

“We’re a proud brewery and we want to do that right thing,” said president John McDonald in the video.


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