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Dang, that woolly mammoth video was a hoax


Last week we wondered if some lucky Siberian had actually caught a woolly mammoth on video.

Well, wonder no more. It there are no lucky Siberians here.

Some suspected the video is an outright hoax — a computer-generated mammoth digitally inserted into a real river scene. Many others, however, were convinced that the animal was real: not a mammoth, but instead a bear with a large fish hanging from its mouth. That would explain its relatively small size, the shape of the "trunk" on its head, and the color. Experts cast doubts on the video's authenticity; Derek Serra, a Hollywood video effects artist, concluded that it "appears to have been intentionally blurred."

The website Life's Little Mysteries caught up with the man who made the original video, Ludovic Petho, who said he didn't see any woolly mammoths.

"I don't recall seeing a mammoth; there were bears, deer, and sable," he said. "But no woolly mammoths."

The original footage isn't quite as dramatic as the altered video.


Flap Doodle 6 years, 2 months ago

Well, we've still got Ogopogo and the Fouke Monster.

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