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Best of Kansas City includes lots of Lawrence winners

Alex  Parker

The Pitch released its [Best of Kansas City][1] issue today, and Lawrence is pretty well represented, both by staff picks and readers' choice picks. So, here we go: **Goods & Services** - [Best Cool Stuff][2]: Made, 737 Mass. - Love Garden Sounds was voted Best Place to Buy Records; it ...

3 Lawrence bars named top spots for bros

Alex  Parker

A hearty congratulations to a trio of Lawrence establishments that made a list of the top 100 college bars for bros by the esteemed cultural periodical ([part 1][1] | [part 2][2]). Bullwinkle's (No. 69), Jayhawk Cafe (aka The Hawk, No. 59) and the Wheel (No. 35) all placed among ...

KU grad Nikki Glaser performs on 'Conan'

Alex  Parker

Nikki Glaser, a 2006 Kansas University graduate, took the stage on "Conan" Tuesday night, performing a stand-up routine that hit on all the big topics: the perils of living at home, the perils of pregnancy scares and the perils of being broke. A few years removed from appearing on ...

Filmmaker Kevin McKinney tries again to kickstart 'Corporate FM' film, tracing changes in radio, fall of KLZR

Alex  Parker

Kansas City filmmaker Kevin McKinney's documentary "Corporate FM" won over moviegoers who caught the film at the Lawrence Arts Center in May. The film explores the corporate takeover of local radio stations that began with the Telecommunications Act of 1996, and led to the homogenization of local radio. McKinney, a ...

Elderly Spanish parishoner accidentally disfigures church's prized Christ fresco

Alex  Parker

File this one under no good deed goes unpunished. The AP reports: > A small Spanish town is trying to > figure out what to do with a > 20th-century painting of Christ that > has been disfigured by a local artist > who took it upon herself to ...

Wichita chef takes lion meat off special menu

Alex  Parker

Wichita chef Jason Febres says he didn't mean to offend anyone when he added lion meat to an exotic, $160-a-plate dinner. But the loud voices of the Internet clamoring for his restaurant, Taste & See, to take lion meat off the menu won out, [reports][1] the Wichita Eagle. On his ...

Wichita restaurant's plans to serve lion meat cause uproar

Alex  Parker

As we continue to get lots of ballots in our [Best of Lawrence][1] contest, one category we didn't have was Best Place to Eat Lion. In Wichita, that place is [Taste & See][2], a Latin-fusion joint that is offering an [exotic, $160-per-person eight-course dinner][3] later this month featuring a zoo ...

A note about recent changes

Alex  Parker

You may have noticed that our sites look a bit different this morning. That's because our content management system has been updated to allow for new and improved features. I'll talk a bit about those in a moment, but first you should know that, as with any major change, we're ...

Boulevard announces it won't produce Chocolate Ale in 2013

Alex  Parker

Boulevard Brewing Company [announced][1] today it would not produce the furiously sought-after Chocolate Ale this winter, hinting that it faced problems meeting customer demand. In an announcement on its website, Boulevard said it isn't necessarily ending production of Chocolate Ale forever, but it won't be part of the popular ...

Where are my games, puzzles and comics?!

Alex  Parker

In our haste to make what we thought was a minor change - changing the Arts and Entertainment link on to take readers to - we failed to properly account for several items that readers are now asking about, namely games and puzzles, and comics. Don't worry! They ...

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