Building a healthier community

Kansans learning to make their communities healthier places to live

Karrey Britt

Topeka is hosting a two-day “Built Environment and the Outdoors Summit,” and I was given the opportunity to attend it along with about 200 others from across the state who care about health. Here’s some food for thought: The design of a community — where people live, work, learn and ...

More ideas from LiveWell's 2nd community meetup

Jane Stevens

More than 40 people turned out for last Thursday evening's community meeting at the Holcom Park Recreation Center, and offered up a plethora of great ideas for improving the community's health. And at the end, says Marilyn Hull, who led off the meeting with some basic info about LiveWell's goals, ...

LiveWell -- 2nd community meeting tonite

Jane Stevens

LiveWell Lawrence began its campaign to motivate Lawrencians to create a healthier town with healthier people with a big bang -- the "World's Largest Community Workout" on July 8. After a larger-than-expected turnout at a community meeting last week, it's holding another one tonight. Holcom Park Recreation Center -- 7 ...

Half of us!

Jane Stevens

Just over half of us in Douglas County are obese. Marilyn Hull, executive director of LiveWell Lawrence pointed out that problem at a LiveWell meeting last night. To anyone who keeps up with news of any type, it's no mystery that obesity can lead to all types of health problems: ...

Uninsured, Under-insured

Jane Stevens

According to Health Care Access, there are at least 12,000 people in Douglas County who don't have health insurance. Health reporter Karrey Britt wrote about a few of the uninsured in March in "Faces of the uninsured." Some of you have put your stories here. Do you think it's ...

A new approach to health reporting

Jane Stevens

We’re developing a new approach to reporting about health in Douglas County. It’s different from the way journalists usually report about health. First, it’s a Web-based network in which Douglas County residents who are involved and interested in health -- health care providers, people who use health services, businesses that ...

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