Frank Mason’s game winner vs. Duke, up close and personal

If you’re like most Kansas basketball fans today, you just cannot get enough of last night’s victory over No. 1 Duke.

Whether that means you’ve been surfing the web to read as much as you can about the 77-75 victory — thanks, by the way! — or you’ve been on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and anywhere else you can think of to view imagines of Frank Mason’s thrilling game-winning shot, the aftermath of that moment or any other images of the game, your day likely has included you smiling a little bigger, puffing your chest out a little farther and perhaps even reaching out to those Duke fans you know (and sometimes even love) to tell them “good game” or some other version of that thought.

But if you still haven’t got enough of the shot — and what a great, clutch shot it was — take a look at this video, filmed at courtside, of the final moments of Tuesday’s game and Mason’s terrific game winner.

It’s no doubt the biggest shot of Mason’s career to date and it came on the biggest and brightest stage college basketball possibly can have in mid-November.

One of the great things about Mason being the one who hit the shot is that the Jayhawks run absolutely no risk of the moment going to his head. Mason on Friday in the home opener against Siena is going to be the same player he was on Monday morning, Tuesday at halftime or when Duke hit the three-pointer to tie the game — an ultra-competitive, fighter who is willing to do anything necessary to help his team win.

If that means he takes the shot, he’ll take it. If that means passing the ball, playing D or finding a way to make a big steal, you can bet Mason is going to do whatever he can to get the job done. It doesn’t mean he’s always going to succeed, but few Jayhawks in recent memory have been as willing to get dirty and lay it on the line like Mason and that’s what makes Tuesday’s game winner such a big deal. Because of it, Mason is finally getting his due on the national scene.

Enough about all of that, though, let’s get you to the awesome video of the big shot.

Special props to those of you who watch it enough times to catch a few glimpses of photographer Nick Krug right there in the thick of the celebration.