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May 20-23, 2010: Goodbye rain, hello humidity

Ashley  Meenen

May 20, 2010 turned into another wet, gloomy day with even more rain sliding through the area. The pictures below show rain drops hanging off a rose and leaf at Gage Park. Overall, we did see less rain on the 20th. Here are a few rainfall totals for Northeast Kansas: ...

May 19, 2010: Over one inch of rain for some

Ashley  Meenen

Cloudy skies moved into the area during the morning on May 19, 2010, still the sunrise was very colorful. It didn't take long for grey skies to replace the color, with on and off rain all day long. Several areas saw over one inch of rain, with localized flooding in ...

May 17-18, 2010: Fog and clouds

Ashley  Meenen

A blanket of clouds covered the area on May 17, 2010, which made for a gloomy day. By the evening, we finally saw small breaks in the clouds. Clouds continued clearing through the evening and overnight, leaving mostly clear skies on the morning of May 18, 2010. Even though there ...

May 14-16, 2010: Dandelions and rain, not our favorite things

Ashley  Meenen

As I was driving around on May 14, I noticed there have been a lot of dandelion seeds floating around lately. This inspired my photograph for May 14th, I believe the proper term for this is the "dandelion seed head." When I see dandelions growing in the grass, it takes ...

May 12-13, 2010: Another round of storms, but sunshine returned

Ashley  Meenen

Stormy weather moved back into Northeast Kansas on May 12, 2010. Meteorologist Ed Bloodsworth went out chasing, anticipating severe storms capable of producing isolated tornadoes, while I stayed in the KTKA studio with Chief Meteorologist Matt Miller, to help him cover the storms on-air. (One unique thing about our company ...

May 9-11, 2010: Sunsets and heavy rain

Ashley  Meenen

Mother’s Day on May 9, 2010 was mostly cloudy at cool, but at least the stormy weather stayed out of the area. That was not the case on May 10, 2010, as strong to severe storms pushed through the Midwest. With the threat of strong tornadoes, Photographer Jon Englert and ...

May 6-8, 2010: Ocean waves in the sky, irises and classic cars

Ashley  Meenen

We saw sunshine and warm temperatures for much of the day on May 6, 2010. During the afternoon, I noticed "different" clouds in the sky. I will admit, when I was little I often watched the clouds, seeing everything from elephants to castles. I still like to see what shapes ...

May 4-5, 2010: Sun, sun and more sun

Ashley  Meenen

There was plenty of sunshine on May 4, 2010, in fact, it was hard to find a single cloud in the sky by the afternoon. The picture below was taken north of the I-70 Wanamaker exit, looking south down Wanamaker. A few high clouds were present during the early morning ...

May 3, 2010: Honeysuckles and swarming bugs

Ashley  Meenen

May 3, 2010 was a sunny, beautiful afternoon. I was outside with my dog and noticed honeysuckles were in bloom. While I was taking a few photographs of the honeysuckles, they brought back memories from when I was little. I remember we would always tear the stems of the honeysuckles ...

May 1-2, 2010: Towering cumulus, a rainbow and much more

Ashley  Meenen

Over the weekend, I was in Tulsa, Oklahoma for military training. The beginning of May started off wet, with on and off rain throughout the day on May 1, 2010. May 2, 2010 was the complete opposite. The morning started off cloudy, but by the afternoon there wasn't a cloud ...

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