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June 3, 2010: Trip to Alma


Ed Bloodsworth, Nate Riggs and I took a trip to Alma, Kansas on June 3, 2010. Here are some photographs I took along the way.

Our first stop was the radar site in Alma, Kansas. This is the radar that covers most of Northeast Kansas. When we arrived at the site, the welcoming was quite unusual.

That's right! Cows welcomed us at the site. The National Weather Service leases a piece of land on a farm for the radar site, so if anything the cows are probably wondering what we are doing there. The following picture shows the cows by the radar, however the top of the radar dome (or radome) is chopped off to keep the bright sun out of the photograph.

A few photographs of the radar...

We thought the cows were pretty neat, so Nate tried to get video of the cows around the radar. They were not camera shy!

We eventually got away from the cows, climbed up the stairs and took a look inside the radome.

After checking out the radar, we stopped in town. Here are few photographs from Downtown Alma.

Before we left, we took a drive on the Native Stone Scenic Byway.


Clark Coan 8 years ago

Love the stone buildings and houses in Alma built by the Germans. The community should play up their German heritage and have Octoberfests and Mayfests. Make it the German capital of Kansas like Lindsborg is the Swedish capital of Kansas.

There is also cheese at the Alma Cheese factory. The museum is one of the best small town historical museums in the state. Mill Creek- Skyline Drive is very scenic and passes through virgin tallgrass prairie with scenic vistas. The west branch of Mill Creek is clear and floatable by canoe a couple of days after a good rain (have to ask landowners first).

lounger 8 years ago

I wouldnt bank on the landowners of wabaunsee county giving any permission to float through thier land. When they first wanted to put a national park in the flint hills back in the 1960's the secretary of the interior was assured a warm welcome by local officials. He was greeted by ranchers with guns. Mixed blessing really. If they wernt so stubborn in them there flint hills it might be tracks of houses by now. The ranchers might be a little rough with overgrazing cattle at times but they deserve a nod for keeping the flint hills mainly intact.

RoeDapple 8 years ago

"Cows are freaky when they look at you"

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