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June 7-21: The end of spring


June 7-11, 2010:

The following collage contains several photographs from June 7-11, 2010. I took the photograph of the dandelion because it is the largest dandelion I have ever seen! It was the size of a tennis ball. The scenic picture on the right was taken on a trip home to Topeka from Wichita. The top cloud photograph is from an approaching thunderstorm; the bottom photograph is a storm moving away.

June 12-14, 2010:

We have had several storms that produced heavy rainfall and a lot of lightning. The following collage contains pictures I took of the storms before the heavy rainfall arrived. The photographs on the left are of storm damage in Topeka. I think its amazing how the lightning lights up the sky at night in the other pictures. (Not the best lightning shots, it's hard to get a good shot without a tripod.)

June 15-17, 2010:

We have had a lot of shelf clouds lately, which is what the photograph on top is.

June 18-19, 2010:

The following collage includes a few panoramic photographs. The top photograph shows storms in the distance.

June 20-21, 2010:

I decided to get creative with the photograph of my dog to make the colors blend with the cloud pictures. We have seen a lot of hot weather and my dog hasn't been the biggest fan! I tried to set up a kiddie pool for her to cool off in. She has never been in water, at first she was confused over the dog looking at her from inside the pool, then she decided it was just a large bowl of water! The remainder of the cloud photographs are from yet another approaching thunderstorm taken on the first day of summer.


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